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  • Late arrival to boat

    Posted on June 28th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    We worked at home this AM in PL but left about 1500 and arrived by 1800 local.  We went out to eat at Kalico Kitchen and then went to Oval Beach to watch the sun go down.  No green flash tonight.

     There are a bunch of partiers across from us and we have the radio on loud to cover it up plus the air fan to circulate the air.  Tomorrow will be more thunderstorms so I do not know how far we will venture out tomorrow.

  • A couple of weeks of news.

    Posted on June 24th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    The Garmin 492 GPS is back up and running aboard Inspiration.  The replacement unit acquired the satellites in seconds and came alive with the exact position.  The DSC radio did not recognize the GPS of after a moments thought I remembered that the default buss was the Garmin buss so I changed it to the NMEA in/out and bingo the DSC radio was talking with the GPS and reporting position.

    SAM & I did not go to the boat this weekend.  Instead we drove to Grand Rapids and picked up my new Honda Civic.  The first gas mileage checks resulted in 37 mpg and I drove back at 70 MPH.  I am happy with this but wish it were higher.  My first feedback is that it is more cramped than the truck and I have to put my right foot at an odd angle while using the cruise control.  I have not had a chance to test the air-conditioner but I’ll bet it is marginal.  The rear window heater is anemic too.  I was simply amazed at the size of the battery – it is the size of the one in my lawn mower.

    Saturday we kayaked Fox Lake and then on Sunday we just toured around our little llake a couple of times while a thunderstorm just missed us and we remained for the most part in the sunshine.  It must have been turtle day as I came within a few inches of a large snapping turtle about 12″ in diameter.  Earlier I had seen the largest turtle I have ever seen – it was a leatherback and was easily 24+” in diameter.  Wow. 

    Sunday afternoon, SAM’s sister from Wyoming was here with Tim and a friend from England.  We had a reunion at KD’s house and there was lots of food for all.  I left around 1800 hrs and  drove the new car to the boat, unloaded it and then went for a shower.  I read the Valerie Roosa’s novel for a few pages and hit the hay.

  • Just happenings

    Posted on June 11th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Tuesday 6/10 I left work about 1600 hrs local and got to the boat about 1700 hrs. I immediately started with the varnish (actually Cetol Light) on the cockpit area. I put a thin coat on the wood and covered up some nicks and scrapes too. I would like to do one more tonight but I think it will be later when I get there and for some reason I just do not seem to have the heart for it today. It is pushing the envelope a bit since if the Cetol does not dry before the sun goes down then the dew could leave spots that you have to sand out. Afterwards I did my meditation and stayed in the zone a bit longer than usual and then had a lousy home made meal of angel hair spagetti with a Ravoli sauce topping. I spiced a bit with pepper, Italian Seasoning(bad idea) and garlic powder. I had a handful of raisins for desert. I hope to eat a bit more healthful food tonight but the cupboards are pretty bare. It is sort of hard for me to get a balance meal on the boat. Lately, I did switch from Lactaid 2% real milk to Soy Milk with Omega 3. Does that count?

  • Depressed

    Posted on June 9th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    A depressing day.  Man, it seems like winter here but it is warm and supposed to be sunny.  Instead it is overcast and raining off/on for the last 3 days.  We have a few more days to look forward to as well.  It would be nice if all personal bloglines were happy and cheerful all the time.  Today is not one of those days.  I am not enjoying myself very much.  I guess I worry too much too and my vital energy level is down.

    Right now I am waiting for a customer to send a 10 meg zipped file to my personal email box so it won’t bounce.  I am not sure if I can receive a 10 meg file or not – I think so but it has been some time since I tried a big file like that.

    Over lunch I sent the boats GPS in for repair (or replacement) and got in just under the wire as far as warranty is concerned.  I did some troubleshooting and found out that the antenna was working OK so it had to be the Garmin 492 chart plotter that failed.  Maybe some stray lightning got it via the NMEA buss that I have hooked to the radio?

  • This weekend at the boat.

    Posted on June 8th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    The weekend started out being beautiful and ended with thunderstorms, tonados and flash floods on Saturday night and then again Sunday afternoon.  If the radar is any indication we will get hit again pretty hard around midnight.  The biggest deal was the refridge and having to turn it off to conserve on the batteries. 

    I had already set up a hotel in Grand Rapids so I could take a shower but just as I was leaving and SAM going back to Indiana the power came on so I canceled the hotel and went up to take a shower.  After that I did my meditation routine and then on to the store to get some basics.  I had a simeple dinner of a can to Hormel chile with Turkey and beans, microwaved red skin potato and a slice of bread with real unsalted butter.  MMMum.

    Right now the intenet is popping in and out as I type this missive on notepad.  I’ll cut and paste it into WordPress.  I have the marine weather on and it is saying the bad weather is coming.  I better publish this blog just to get it out on the electronic cloud.

    It looks like I have work for Monday and Tuesday and maybe Wednesday.  Maybe I can write more for tomorrow.

  • Boat Night

    Posted on June 2nd, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I worked today in GR and in the field.  It was the hottest day so far and inside the equipemnt room was even hotter.  After work I drove back to Saugatuck and had a quick meal. I went to the library and turned in a book on tape that was going to be overdue in GR.  They have a cool system that allows you to check out and turn in items at different libraries in the system.

    It is supposed to be cool tonight but I have the fan on to blow out the hot air and suck in the cool from the Dorade Vents.  It also keeps the mosquitoes out too.  This is a edit tof the original.

    It is supposed to rain again tonight and all week for that matter.  Rain is cool when you are in the boat but walking in in the rain is not so much fun.  I go in barefoot and put socks and shoes later. It is deadsville here so it is kind of lonely.  I wanted to varnish tonight but it is not possible with this type weather.  Good sleep everyone.