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  • Frost: We received a pass this time

    Posted on September 14th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    It was supposed to frost last night so we picked the garden clean and SAM labored until the wee hours taking care of the bounty.  However, this morning it was 42°F and the sun was shining and we received a pass on Mr. Frost.  Great – well, it was great today with lots of sun and perfect tempertures. I spent most of the day down at the building doing little projects and then some time up at the future “technical room” adjusting door plates so that the doors would shut properly and latch n lock.  Not too sure what we will do with this room but it is much cleaner than it was 3 weeks ago so that in itself is a good thing.  As part of the connectivity process I installed a 5GHz link between my office area and the building down by the lake.  Now I have a 300Mbps link connecting to two areas and as part of the install I put a Wireless N Access Point down below too.  I had an old CCTV device I have had for years so I connected that up also.  Now I can watch my kayaks and other stuff grow dusty real time:)

    I have had time to do this because the job with Zipspider soon turned from a fun thing to a not so fun thing and it became almost a full time job. This in itself was OK but in addition I was spending too much time working alone or just waiting for them to call with some work so, in the end, it did not work out.  Therefore, I just returned the freshly washed polo’s and hat and just bowed out.  The one shot job  of wiring cat6 cable in a doctors office also is coming to an end.  I must admit I like doing this type of work so maybe I can find some more to do in future months.  This job was a combination of remodeling existing offices and also adding new cable to new offices.

    With my days free again, I started to clean up the “technical room” and mess around with computers fixing them up and then putting them under a bench for future applications.  Now, I am working on cloning my laptop from a 320GB HD to a 500GB.  The drive is a few years old and I am afraid of a crash so I will clone a new drive and use that while keeping the old one as a fallback in the event of crashes.  I am almost out of space on the old drive anyway so this will help. I may even have enough space to put all the pictures on the laptop.

    My old smartphone was getting a bit long-in-the-tooth so I gave in and did an upgrade to a Razor Maxx which has helped in making phone calls.  It is a waaaay better phone than the old one.  The apps work faster and I can even make a phone call now!

    Jessica is now in remote Panama doing her Peace Corps Volunteer tasks and we have not heard from here for several weeks.  She did try to call using a cell but the connection kept dropping so she eventually gave up without us saying any words at all – it was just connect and drop.  We really missed not being able to talk with her.  In the military at least you can get reliable communications fairly often – bummer for us.