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  • Wow!

    Posted on June 25th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    We are working like crazy these days.  From cutting tree limbs to doing yard work for a lady in Angola to our own yard work to fixing TV’s to picking up “stuff” for the church garage sale.  The list goes on and on and on.

    So far this summer I have had little time to sail Little Yellow, an American Fiberglass sailboat, and this is too bad.  I thought I would be lazing around when I retired but this has not happened.  The days fly by and merge into years.  It is amazing how we identify ourselves and the things we should do.  I used to think my dad sort of wasted his time cracking hickory nuts and now I find myself sort of in the same mode doing things I like to do.  It has nothing to do with money but pure satisfaction is the byproduct.

    When I was much younger I spent my time climbing the ladder.  When I had reached my level of maximum incompetency, I slid quickly back down to the thing I truly identified with and that was technical arenas.  I spent the rest of my career trying to learn the ever expanding knowledge base of electronic device and components.

    Now I still and programming device and building them too.  My favorite latest work area is Raspberry Pi – I have been building lots and lots of Raspberry Pi devices – and I have made security cameras, media centers, digital radio converters and many other items of interest.


    Today was a church day and afterwards I took a short nap and now I am in the Technical Room writing and planning how to incorporate a managed switch into my scheme of things.  This will include a raft of security cameras around the premises.  Oh what fun I am having and I have learned The Secret that we watched last night on Amazon.  I would recommend that everyone watch this 1.5 hour movie and it may become one of the new elements of your life too.  Moore later.

  • Lots of little things & one biggy

    Posted on June 23rd, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    The biggy for this week was when Marc showed up at the door, announced but only sort of, and stayed a day.  We had a good time and went to Suttons Deli for lunch and it is always good at Suttons.  Prior, I had an appointment at the hospital to get a reading from the Urologist on my 4 kidney stones: It seems they are stable and we will wait another year to evaluate.

    Today, I carried some of the debris from the fallen tree limb down to the burn pile and picked up some of the cut wood to be split.  For some reason this was rather tiring.  Afterwards I was working in the Technical Room when SAM entered and helped me with some Ethernet cables I was trying to find.  Prior to her arrival I had installed a new 24 port managed switch in the rack and was trying to get it ready to allow switching from the 8 port managed switches to the new one.  Everything went well and the old switch was removed from service.  Now I have to make a bunch of patch cables so I have new ones of proper length to fill the panel. Everything looks good right now.

    Cheers from Moore.

  • A days work

    Posted on June 16th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    I cut some of the bigger pieces of the fallen oak branch this morning and was sweating pretty good so I broke for lunch around 1330 hrs. Somehow,I never returned to the task!

    Dale came over and brought some things to fix and I looked at his All-star node. He had a few complaints about the length of the CW I’d so I fixed that and added a few macros too.

    He also brought a couple of TV to fix as well. Too bad the are the 32″ and 40″ variety.  After that I successfully puttered away the day. Night all.



  • Another Day In Tech Room

    Posted on June 15th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    I started out with good intentions this morning to break out the chainsaw and cut up the fallen limbs from the storm.  However, first I had to check in with the Little Red Barn Net, an honorific to the AM Radio Station 1190, but when finished I had one more thing to do.  Then came the telephone call from Dale. Then the doctor’s office called and reminded me that it was next week for my appointment but first I needed an x-ray.  So I setup and x-ray but SAM came back from her morning of garage sales and wanted to tell me about it while she was fixing lunch and showing me her treasurers.  After that i had to go get the x-ray and while there I remembered all the parts came in for the Allstar node I was building Logan.  So one thing lead to another and now it is 1930 hours and it is time for dinner.

    i did get the node done and it is working and Logan knows it.  So now I await some thing like dinner and the end of the day.  So thus goes all my days, segueing from one thing to another and I am glad to be at work doing something I love.  I forgot to mention earlier my website came back up but WordPress did not work.  Finally,I received the new password that had to be reset when the ISP did something to screw that up.  Now I am writing about my day but SAM just called and told me it was time for dinner – BFN.

  • A morning with Chat

    Posted on June 15th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    I have been unable to login to this blog for a few days.  Not only that but the website was down for 4-5 days for reasons only the hosts know.  Suddenly, this morning it started working OK again but the WordPress login quit so I spent a less than productive morning working, slowly, with the Tech Support Chat. Now, I am going to update the apps and to 4.8.  If you never hear from me again I got lost in the maze of the ether-world.

    PS: I made it out again!