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  • Today’s Update

    Posted on August 31st, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Reading:   James Bond – High Time to Kill

    Monday:  It was hot again today and more humid.  Installed the aircon but only after SAM was finished preparing the Monday Dinner Party entree which was pork loin.  We first cooked the loins on the grill at high heat for a few minutes and then lowered the temperatur for the remainder of the 20 minute cook time.  We then placed the loins in a pan of water for the remainder of the time until our dinner party arrived at 1800 hrs local.  Everyone gave rave reviews of the entree.  Of course, everyone els brought their contributions.  It was a good evening.

    Prior Bill and Artha stopped by and so did Scott and Sherry.  This was a good reunion for ourselves and we enjoyed the company.

    Tuesday:  Very hot again and we did not take out the aircon all day.  Before noon Scott & Sherry stopped by on their way south towards home.  We had a long chat and later we went to the Saugatuck river walk.  Afterwards we departed to Burger King for lunch and the traditional double whopper ( it is soybean and peanut oil free as I get it without the bun and mayo).  The day was a long one but SAM got her several miles of walking in despite the heat.  She has really lost a lot of weight.

  • Saugatuck

    Posted on August 29th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    [singlepic id=198 w=240 h=320 float=left]We are back on Inspiration for a few days.  A Hurricanes/TS Daniel and Earl are keeping the building low pressures west of us and we are enjoying very warm, dry, clear skies weather for the past few days and on into mid-next week.  Then comes Labor Day and the end of the season – so soon.  It seems like we have only been onboard for a few weeks.

    Scott K. and his wife are supposed to come over in the next couple of days to visit and see the boat for the first time.  Ann & Lee said they wanted to come up for a day after Labor Day so the rest of our season should have activity.  We also need to  patch the brightwork where the anchor stripped the varnish off during the storm.

    It is getting too hot for me right now- perhaps the beach for a walk or swim..Moore later

  • Dinner Party

    Posted on August 27th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Ann & Lee came over tonight for dinner.  We put out the crystal and had a Tilapia main course.  Everything went well and we had a good time.  However, while washing the crystal champagne glasses I broke one so it is now a partial set.  After the guests left I finished watching Rookie Blues #10 on hulu.

    It is just getting dark at 0830 so it won’t be long until the colder wind blows and we are off the boat for the winter.  Speaking of that we are the hosts for the entree this Monday night.  We were thinking of having pork loin on the grill – mumm yummy.  This may close out our Monday dinner gatherings since we are the last to serve the entree.  The season was pretty short this year with the month long cruise.

    Perhaps we will start earlier next year and do the North Channel.  It will be something to dream about while the snow flies,

  • Home again, home again

    Posted on August 23rd, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    This blogline will chronicle our safe return to Saugatuck.

    Manistee – Pentwater

    We arose early and departed in heavy dew and leaden skies with low visibility and lost sight of the shoreline until we rounded Big Sable point where we could just see the light.  We passed Ludington and the water was kind to us this day so we became bound for Pentwater.  We arrived early at Pentwater in a 15 kt northerly wind and anchored just west of  Little Bayou Bay in 40′ of water with all 150 ‘ of rode out.  The afternoon was a lazy one where we recovered from the trip south.  We were here just one night as we became a “horse heading fro the barn”.

    Pentwater – Saugatuck

    The captain arose at 0615, did the normal morning duties and ate breakfast.  Precisely at 0645 the engine was started and we started the dirty and laborious task of raising the anchor which required the windlass to break the anchor free from the mud.    First Mate finished the stowing of the anchor while we headed for the open water.

    The early morning was filled with broken skies and reduced visibility and the crew was alert to fishing boats plying the waters at the 100′ line.  The waves picked up to 2 – 3′ as we neared Little Sable Point on a 215 degree heading.  When we rounded the point we went on a 180 heading but the waves were giving us the old corkscrew ride of quartering following seas so we assumed the 165 heading as soon as we could go direct White Lake.  AS we neared White Lake the seas became 4’ and we assumed a 170 heading bound for Muskegon. As we passed Muskegon the waves were and kept building all afternoon with the 20 kt wind but the ride was pretty good in the stern on following seas.  As we surfed down the waves our speed was 10 kt and we committed to making Saugatuck, via Grand Haven, Port Sheldon and Holland.  We were met in the Kalamazoo River by a rock band blaring in the Wicks Park ( remnant of the “Taste of Saugatuck”)  and we knew we were home again.

  • Manistee (going south)

    Posted on August 20th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We left Frankfort at 0730 bound for Ludington but the weather diety did not cooperate again – rather capricious I would say – plus we had some real excitement.  The winds, unforcast, were SE at a steady 20kt and increased to 25 kt but the waves were moderate due to the close proximity of the windward shore – about 3 miles.

    As we approached the Manistee pierhead we listened to a distress call from some one that sounded familiar and it turned out to be our floatilla mate Windfluence who reported smoke coming from the engine compartment and black smoke out or the exhaust.  They reported they were adrift and were calling the US Coast Guard on channel 16.

    We listened and then SAM made a call to Sheryl and sure enough they were adrift.  SAM asked if they needed our assistance and we turned to intercept.  Shortly after, the Sheriff boat with lights flashing was racing in rescue mode as they thought the boat was on fire from reports.  Shortly after the Coast Guard big vessel arrived as did the USCG helicopter.  After that we arrived some 15 minutes later.  The USCG asked us to do the tow and we were happy to do that.  So away we went with Windfluence in tow at 2.5 kt.  We arrived at the Manistee Harbor about 1315 local time.   By that time the Windfluence Captain had figured out the problem and installed a new water pump V-belt and coolant and the engine was running OK.  We slipped their tow line at the harbor entrance and proceeded to our preassigned slip.

    Never a dull moment in the life of a sailor.  Next destination is Pentwater, alternate Ludington or White Lake as soon as we can get out of Manistee.  Barometer 29.80″ and falling, skies overcast wind from the east.

  • Frankfort (going south)

    Posted on August 18th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We made it to Frankfort today approximately 40NM in 8 hours. Not bad considering we were slogging into 4-7′ choppy, 2 second period seas. We said a few prayers today for safe passage and we made it. SAM was below with hatch and doors shut most of the trip and I had on the life vest and safety tether & HARNESS.

    We broke a few more things on this passage so the repair list keeps getting bigger. Eight hours pounding straight into and 45 degrees at 20 knots winds is not really pleasure boating but the forEcast was more of the same for the next 3 or 4 days. Once you round Betsy Point things get calmer relatively.  We are hoping the a the remainder of the trip is less exciting.

  • Leland (or Frankfort)

    Posted on August 15th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Depending on the seas or time we will try to make Leland or Frankfort today.  It looks like we will be there for a while since the weather is supposed to deteriorate by Monday.  We plan on departing at 0730 local for the 5 hour trip to Leland.  Moore later…..


    Inspiration just made Leland at 1330 local time in the roughest seas we have encountered. Winds continuous 25 knots and seas choppy, breaking 7 – 8′. We surfed into Leland Harbor but the approach to the slip was flawless & we had good dock hands.  It took a while to secure all the lines we need for the approaching gale.

    While we were out there the anchor broke loose and was flailing about and will require a refinish of the bowsprit. I am a little bit sore from getting bashed about.. Glad to be in port as the winds are expected to exceed 35 knots tonight with 9’+ seas. Lake Michigan seas are vicious as they have about a 2 or 3 second period so they just keep bashing you.

  • Northport

    Posted on August 13th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We made Northport about 1500 hrs local from Petoskey and that means 6 hours of sailing ( well motor-sailing) but the winds were on our nose and we could not point that high.  Seas were 2′ and less with haze and overcast skies to the west.

    So we are now in Grand Traverse bay.  The winds were pretty strong and one of our party overshot the slip – yea, I am not the only one who does this – but he has good reverse steering so the day was saved.  We gave them the good bow, stern and spring tie off.

    Now for Sheryl’s birthday party (Windfluence).  Friday, August 13 2010: And let the fun begin.

  • Petoskey

    Posted on August 12th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

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  • Beaver Island

    Posted on August 9th, 2010 cwmoore No comments


    [singlepic id=207 w=320 h=240 float=left]S Manitou was great and we spent a whole day beach-combing for Petoskey and Charlevoix stones.  The only catch for all this national park beauty was a precarious anchorage.  On our nightly anchor swing we came within 20′ of the beach (it dropped off very rapidly so at 10′ out it was 7′ deep.

    Day 1

    Arrived Beaver Island from South Manitou at 1700 local time. Passage was totally calm the whole trip but we had to motor and not sail.  There were some 2′ swells between S Fox Island and North Manitou but by and large it was a great passage.  We plan on two or three days here.

    The flotilla arrive within 30 minutes of each other.  Paramour was first then Inspiration and finally Windfluence (they actually sailed a lot due to their light tonnage and sail rig).  We went to eat at the Shamrock and it was good but high priced.  SAM and I walked to the Beaver Island Lodge to check out our old haunts – it was pretty much the same but very quiet from what it used to be.

    Day 2 Beaver Island

    [singlepic id=205 w=320 h=240 float=right]We rented a car and the day event was touring the island from north to south and east to west.  On the north was a very cool beach that was as warm as bath water, on the south was the old light house that is open to the public, on the west side it was sort of far from the Lake Michigan but on the east side the road was right next to LM.

    We drove to the Library and visited the Donavan Langford IV area of the Library – how peaceful and serene with the music – and SAM was crying for a while at after looking at the picture of  DL IV.  We stopped by JKM’s friends house and drove up the driveway but no one was at home.  We did get some pictures though.  People know DL’s on the island  and corrected our grammar all the time: you must pronounce everything correctly.

    We are now preparing to walk to Beaver Island Lodge for dinner – an old haunt of ours when we were able to fly to the island at will (like our airplane).  I have some pictures that I will embed later so return and you can see the slideshow.

    We are having the time of our lives and love all that we have been blessed with and everyone we know and strangers as well.

    Day 3

    We did not leave for Petoskey this morning as planned.  Some vicious  thunderstorms that looked like they might reach us before we could make it across the lake made the no-go decision.  No one in the group wanted to go so it was an easy decision. Tomorrow we head for Petoskey, MI a 3/4 day sail.  BFN……….Inspiration out.

    [slideshow id=24]