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  • My Morning: Deer Population in Indiana & Human DNA

    Posted on July 18th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    This area of short study was started when I read of 110,000 Moose in Newfoundland or was it Labrador?  Anyway, I was going to make a comment so I started looking up the number of deer in indiana.  They too have a Moose problem like we have a deer problem.  It is worth the read if you do not believe in hunting or even if you do.  Hopefully the pdf stays at this url for a long time  deerpopulationissues or .

    After that I came across the references to “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” docu-drama.  This lead to a long read by some scholarly people at  Apologetics Press and is quite good.  I almost bought the book but now I am glad that I read this article first.  I saved some money and reading time.  During this time, Steve, my PhD friend from St. Petersburg and amateur radio talk mate discussed  Mitochondrion DNA, which he finds fascinating.  It is a complicated subject and filled with hundreds of new mnemonics and terminology so only the upper 0.1% would like to try this one; however, I would like to know more.  Maybe there is a “Dummies Guide to Mitochondrion DNA”? Ah well. I guess I make fun of myself.

    Steve lead me to a new potential to start this area of layman’s study (Mitochondrion DNA):  Seven Daughters of Eve .  I put the book on my Amazon Used Book list and will buy on my next purchase.  I think people with an interest and aptitude have an obligation to human society to pursue quests of this sort that expands our general knowledge and promotes civilization. I cannot wait to order it and am excited about reading it.



  • My Love/Hate: Relationship with Facebook

    Posted on July 5th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    Sometimes I get so angry with the ill though out comments on Facebook.  Today, it was an old friend stating that Mr. Trump was good because ________ (fill in the blank).  This particular guy is the law and order type and a longtime friend.  This drove me over the edge and I made a comment saying both candidates are about the same as far as stretching the truth and just plain lying.  However, I will temper that by stating Mr. Trump may not even know he is lying and is so pathological about it that he will say anything to achieve his end game.  I think everyone knows that Clinton’s are lairs to a degree.  This friend’s statement came about because of the Clinton email issue and use of her personal server – which was an ill advised but clever circumvention of the rules – and the FBI investigation results.  He and many other of my friends do not like the results of the investigation so are pouting so to speak.  Who cares anyway?  Use of the “Classified” stamp is way to discretionary and cavalier anyway.  In the old days, I could put a Confidential or Secret or Top Secret or Need To Know stamp on any document I generated at a whim – there was no penalty for doing it as long as you were using your best judgement in doing it.  So someone over in the land of secrecy could label a document or email with anything the order of the day said to label it with or even label it as they thought was best or take the easy route and label everything with a classified label.  In this day and age almost everything becomes public knowledge sooner or later and the bad guys know details way before the public anyway.  So I say why make a big deal of this but they want political tools so they will grasp at straws.

    I listened to a podcast this morning using OSMC Raspberry Pi Server I have hooked up to the TV.  The gist of the discussion was that the working class Americans are so fed up with the “devils they know” in public office that they are supporting “the devil they do not know”.  The podcast made no apologies for this behavior nor did they support it and said that is the way it is.period. I have to agree!  Why? Because I feel that way myself.  A few long months ago, when asked who I would vote for, I answered with either Bernie or Trump as more or less a joke.  The joke became real and now it is not so funny and, in fact, is down right dangerous to our national and world identity.  However, I do not think there is any question as to who would be able to get things done in government effectively. This election will be the watershed election of my lifetime and, in the end, probably will not make a whit of difference in long term betterment of the American people no matter which is elected.  Personally, I think a moderately social and fiscally Conservative Libertarian would be the best course of action but that is not going to happen any time soon.  In the mean time, I think I will order the years supply of Food 4 Patriots 25 year shelf life dried MRE’s.

    I think I am becoming a cynic. Good bye for now but do try and make the OSMC Server as it is cheap and easy too and worth the effort.  I guess I got off track of my FB rant but at least I tried to explain myself and that is more than most will do.