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  • Good Things Happen On Sunday!

    Posted on December 30th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Time 0400 daughter calls and the heat is back on but a part is broken that the repairman did not have a replacement available.  Anyway life is good now and will be better if the landlord pays the $170 it cost to get the repairman out on a cold Sunday morn.

    It was a late rise for us and we just made it to church on time.  It amazes me that I used to be up at 0530 every morning and not go to bed until 11 or 12.  Age must cause one to sleep more as I even take naps now.  The day was the normal grey overcast winter one typical of the Gret Lakes area.  Now is the time to be in sunny climes.

    After church SAM treated me to a coffee at the uptown coffee shop near the court house.  It was busy inside with several young people taking all the seats so we just went to the truck and on to home.  Much later we drove to Menards to look at an air-compressor to replace the 30+ year old Montgomery Wards unit. 

    After dinner my classmate JoAnn T called and entertained SAM for about and hour.  Now I am getting an instant replay – the most interesting is Shirley C is in Alaska and July 5th is the Class Reunion at the same place as 5 years ago.  We also worked on trying to decode the meaning of a Geocache we tried to find Saturday late in the afternoon – no joy so far.

    I am spending a lot of time looking at kayaks in the cutsheets that were given to me.  I am homing in on a range from 14′ to 17′ long.  the 14′ seems a little short and the one I like (without trying it out or sitting in it) is 17′.  The problem being SAM, who paddles with less power and I do not want to get too far ahead.  Also the streams around here may not be 17′ wide so how do you reverse course?  Compromise – compromise.

  • Cold Continuing

    Posted on December 29th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Time 2124. Daughter calls back.  Appears to see pilot light but having a difficult time reaching in and pushing the pilot-light button.  I found the name of a 24 hr service for $70 plus parts.  She says she found one 5 blocks away — same price.   Sometimes it is better to pay and learn the lesson while keenly watching what is happening.

  • Cold Apartment

    Posted on December 29th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Time 1923 EST.  My daughter called in tears that her house has not had heat for two days and she cannot get a hold of the landlord to find out how to light the pilotlight for the heater.  Trying to describe such an procedure over the telephone is nearly impossible and of course it was unsuccessful even though she has the instructions on the door panel.  I told her to call a HVAC company with 24 hour service as NIPSCO does not come out to light pilotlights (they only investigate gas smells).  What to do on a holiday weekend?  Freeze I guess or go over to friends house if they are home or maybe just stay at work.

  • The New Coffee Shop

    Posted on December 29th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    About a year ago a group of non-smokers migrated away from the decade old coffee shop.  I had left a few months before and just did not go to any Saturday morning coffee establishment.  someone started going to McDonalds and after a few months there was a group of 5-10 people regularly attending.  The group is mixed – A military contractor, a retired PhD professor, an inventor, a retired engineer, a retired sherrif and sometimes myself.  The conversations vary widely and rarely cover religion or partisan politics.  My usual attendance period is about two hours or 1 cup of coffee.

    The big deal in our county now is whether a Casino should be allowed in the county and where it should be built.  I have heard the Governor has stated he does not want it in the NE county.  Since this county has not elected a Democrat to any significant office in 100 years I guess he will probably gets his way.  However, the consensus of the group is that it would probably be a good thing – 300 direct jobs and 600 or so more service industry jobs.  That would increase our tax-base considerably via food, hotel and other shopping plus the income taxes.  since the road infrastructure already exists in the “Outlet Mall” area not much roadway expense or other infrastructure would have to be built.

    Who knows what will happen?  I am sure the money will be passed around and it will happen if approached from the correct angle.

  • MediaComm Internet down

    Posted on December 28th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Our internet has been down since last evening at 1715.  I was writing the previous blogline and kept saving an continuing to edit and then I tried to publish – Nada, zip, zero activity.  I lost several paragraphs – too bad WP does not store locally for these types of situations.

    I spent last evening reading and dreaming of my next kayak and travels down the Wabash River.  This is one of my goals to acheive before the body gives out – kayak the Wabash from headend to the Ohio River.  I guestimate 30 days for the trip but perhaps a little longer if I stop in some of the towns along the way.

    I better wrap it up since I have to go to my sisters tonight for dinner.  Today was rain and snow mix with <1 mile visibility.  The roads were slippery and saw several accidents.

  • Kayaks & Fun Stuff

    Posted on December 28th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    We went to Fort Wayne today to look at Kayaks.  We went to Fort Wayne Outfitters first and they were very informative and had a location right next to the river and were willing to put one of the kayaks into the water to let us try it out.  He spent a lot of time with us but did not really seem to know kayaks that well or at least came across that way.

    Next we went to Earth Adventures Unlimited and they had a real nice place with a section dedicated just to kayaking and many kayaks in stock.  The prices seemed to be a little lower too.  I sat in one and it had a different feel than the ones we now use.  It seemed a little tight and I had to spread my legs in a somewhat awkward way to get wedged in correctly.  We ask for a lot of other information that they seemed to have all the answers for and they were more my age so I could identify with them.  They have summer tours and put us on the list.

  • Christmas Day

    Posted on December 25th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    Jess left for Chicago area this afternoon and we decided to go Geocaching.  There were two new ones in a nice renovated but very old cemetery.  when we got there a cacher we knew was already there.  We searched for the cache for 30 – 45 minutes and gave up for the day.  The second one all the sattelites lined up and I got down to 1′ on the GPS.  This one was very deviously placed by the last finder but our fellow cacher found it as we had been circling the tree of 10 minutes or so.  We logged the find and left.

    Dinner was spagetti with an olive oil coating and a spices mixture.  I like it that way the best.  Now we are watching Survivorman.  I am going to bed when I finish this.

    David, Jake and Mitch called this afternoon to say thanks for the presents.  It turns out they only received part of the presents and  the cash was witheld for a time when things go on sale (I presume).  It was a welcome call on a very sunny afternoon.

    All in all it was a very successful season.  SAM is sleeping it off right now.  Too much tension.

  • My Christmas Gifts

    Posted on December 24th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    I received little this year and this is OK since during the year I buy pretty much everything I need.  A new shirt, Sudoku White Belt book, multi-task light , a diamond encrusted knife sharpener and a few small surprizes were this years gifts.  The knife sharpener is my favorite as it really sharpens a Stainless Steel knife quickly and sharp enough to shave with.  My next is a deck of Hillary Clinton cards.  These will be worth a fortune when she is President.

  • Christmas Eve 2007

    Posted on December 24th, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    SAM & I tried to call the twins this for their birthday evening but got the old answering machine.  Sorry twins we tried so we left a message – a poor substitute – but better than nothing we hope.

    Grandsons DJ & Garrett were here over night and at Ann’s for Christmas Dinner Sunday night.  We all had a great time but as usual Grandpa slept through about an hour of the festivities.  This morning we opened all the Christmas presents and Jess was there also.  SAM spent a LOT of time this season getting everything ready and did a good job but I fear was under appreciated by most.   Here are Garretts hunting trophies for this season.

               The Turkey                       Garrett’sBuck

    Daughter Beth from Germany (Garrett & DJ’s Mom) was unable to make it here in time because of new rules by USA regarding entry on temporary passports.  They will be here in a couple of weeks but it will not be the same as the cast of characters has dispersed for another year.  They being Ingo, Beth and new grandson Alex.

    Today SAM returned a few christmas items, I slept some this afternoon and Jess vegetated on the couch reading “The Earth is Flat”.  Now we are each in our own corner do some things.  SAM & I prused www.mooredynasty.com and found several new areas that appear interesting.  Like we found the Christmas Letter 2007.  It was well written.

    I also received Chuck W’s Christmas Letter and really enjoyed that as I was a room mate for about 4 years while living in the Detroit area on work assignments.  My assignment for this holiday is to resurect old christmas Letters and make an Archive.

  • Headache & Spaced

    Posted on December 21st, 2007 cwmoore No comments

    My daughter called from Germany this afternoon.  She and her family cannot be here for Christmas – she was very sad.  It seems the USA government has changed the passport rules recently and her husbands temporary (a 1 year issue) will no longer get him into the USA.  They were not allowed to board their flight this morning (GMT+5 Time).  It seems pretty idiotic to me since both the German and USA governments have records of many entrances and exits using the passport.  In the long run I think it bodes ill for the USA because if they make entry much tougher how will foriegners get in to do business with us?  This occurs now that the $ has sunk so low that other countries actually want to purchase American goods.  That is the hedache part of the day.

    I was well into my meditation and the telephone rings – I turn off the cellulars so they don’t ring- and it is my sister inviting me over for dinner.  How sweet of her as she is a good cook.  The problem is I did not come back gracefully and now I feel a little spaced out.  The dinner helped but did not completely bring me back.

    Now I am watching the Sci-Fi channel as SAM is working.  I took over her Christmas Dinner before I went to my sister’s.  I am also writing this and waiting for JKM to arrive.  Time to make some tea – a nice White from China.