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  • Texas

    Posted on July 20th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    My son Marc was here for the past three days visiting us from Texas trying to get cool and a little water.  Well, what he got was the warmest weather in years if not decades.  It was never below the mid-90’s the whole time here at the house.  This weather is wupposed to continue for the next week too.  They left today to do some more family visiting and we were sad to see them go.  They are a good family group.

    While they were here the grandson’s and I went kayaking but mostly stayed in front of the airconditioner that could not keep up with the heat.  We all had our smartphones to play with.  Yesterday late we went to Delt Church Park in Lagrange County to play disc golf.  It was hot and a frustrating course – too hot for me so I went back to the car after the 5th hole.  It was an interesting park and was full of Amish having a gathering. I posted some pictures of facebook.


  • Heat Wave 2011

    Posted on July 17th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    This whole week is forecast to be in low to mid 90’s actual temperature with heat indices in the mid to upper 90’s. My son from Texas is bringing it all with him on his way up to visit families. The lake water temperatures should be in my range in a couple of days so I may go swimming this year. Just checked gauge temperature and it is 90°F.

  • Monkey Fist

    Posted on July 16th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    Tying the Monkey Fist has been on my list of things to do for sometime.  A couple of nights ago while sleepless with a pinched nerve and the associated phantom pains in by buttox and leg, I managed to tie the knot with amazing clarity and deftness.  The loose knot is reasonably easy to make but the tightening of the knot is the tricky part.  SAM does a better job of it.  I made one this morning and posted to facebook and I will add it here in a couple of minutes.

    A morning on the porch

    A morning well spent

  • Balloons Aloft

    Posted on July 7th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    Angola Airport (KANQ) is host to Balloons Aloft event again this year.  We worked this morning for several hours setting up crowd control with the other volunteers.  Friday is the first day of the event and highlights the balloon light display.  This is pretty cool  and the balloons fire their flames and this lights up the individual balloon plus the immediate area: it is awesome.