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  • A week of Fall weather – all

    Posted on October 14th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    What a marvelous week we have had.  Pure sun, warm days, cool nights and light breezes.  Since the last post the Ash tree that died, giving up its last breath this summer, was cut down professionally due to proximity to other buildings and the asphalt road I did not want to get broken.  With the tree down, I concentrated on cutting it up into 16″ – 18″ sections and then splitting it into nice size chunks for the fireplace or stove.  I purchased a splitter from Tractor Supply, something I have wanted for many decades, and it made relatively short work of all that wood.  Fortunately for me, the very sharp ram moves slowly so my hands and fingers were saved many times during the course of learning how to use the machine.  I enjoy the physical workout and within a half hour am sweating rather profusely and continuously while keeping the heart rate within the target zone. Now the time is coming to sell it-all 2.5 cords of it.  Some people say I should get about $60 per face cord and I need it to pay down the $$$$ I spent to buy it in the first place.

    SAM and I had fun yesterday after church.  We went to a Pleasant Lake church for their Harvest Auction.  We had a good noon time dinner and a lot of fun bidding on “stuff” and paying way too much for it.  This church has a big insurance payment coming due and the funds earned yesterday may help to pay for it.  Anyway, a lot of the original Moore clan attended so that was fun too.  Everyone was laughing and having fun.  After the auction end, SAM & I went over to Ann’s house and Eric invited us to pick grapes off of Dorothy’s old grape arbor.  We got two buckets full and SAM spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening making grape jelly.  The smells that filled the house reminded me of when I was young and my Mom made grape jelly: a thousand memories came flooding in.  SAM brought down a pice of bread with grape jelly on it and it was good!

    I was listening to my IRLP node last night.  Reflectors 9100, 9200, 9668 and 9050 were may targets but I stopped by 9257 to listen to the Red Cross Net so that was informative.  The IRLP makes ham radio worthwhile and a good too in an emergency – if internet is still up.  Survivability of the internet in a big storm or other catastrophe is doubtful however. REMEMBER: I’ve suffered a great many catastrophes in my life. Most of them never happened.

    But Be Prepared!