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  • Lower Building & Jess

    Posted on June 25th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    Time is flying and so is the summer. We helped move out of Chicago and brought her car home where it sits in the driveway. Soon we will do the remainder of unpacking it and then move out to the hangar we arranged to have it stored in. A couple of days ago she sent a quick email saying she arrived ok in her country of deployment and was going out to meet others in her group. We do not expect to hear too much from her until things settle down and the areas whe will be working in are defined. Good for Jessica and we are proud of he.

    As for myself, I have been working in the lower building cleaning, arranging and removing detritus from 20 years of being on the road and not having enough time to spend on such things. I have proceeded through layer 1 and then 2 and finally 3, where I am right now. It is much nicer now. We had lots of space until we put the camper back into the building. However, it is rather neat and tidy now so we can get around ok but when the tow dolly comes back we may lose some of the tidiness. I hope we get back into kayaking again but until that time the 4 kayaks are just occupying space on a trailer that could be use for storing even more “stuff”. 2013-06-25_17-22-38_839I bought a drill press, which was a huge mistake, and when I got it home I found the spindle return spring was broken: Do not buy anything from Orland as they are the worst about lying. All my allowance for a while is shot on this item but it was only $40 and that is less than 10 gallons of gas so – phhhhht. Click the picture for a closer view 🙂

    Sam has dedicated the summer to the garden and experimenting with stuff that I can no longer eat. However, she seems happy doing it so that is a bonus. I only tilled up a 20×20 patch but hope to triple that by late Fall. Ha, next summer it may not be so fun for us with a triple garden and all the stuff coming in we have to find a place for. I like frozen not canned so that might mean a new freezer too. Still it is a move back to the sell-sufficiency I so desperately sought in the late 70’s and early 80’s: Mother Earth News was my guide and, in some ways still is, for I used to read that material until I went to sleep in the chair near the old wood stove on the farm. Maybe even the old wood stove will come back thanks to the Emerald Ash Borer that has killed a bunch of trees on my property and hundreds of thousands elsewhere: I imagine I’ll get 10 cords out wood out of these. Now where do I put the wood stove to warm these old bones?