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  • Reflection, new job and 4H Fair

    Posted on July 23rd, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    I worked my rear off yesterday on the new, part time technical job with ZipSpider.com here in Angola. My ever growing desire for an IRLP Node, ham radio purchases and other technical pursuits has given me pause to reflect on my ability to pay! Therefore, I am doing work in an area I love, while generating revenue to pay for my radio vices, but still retaining vestiges of the fully retired freedom I have become accustomed. Ok, really it is M-W-F with hours depending on workload which are related directly to demand for the ZipSpider Wireless High Speed Internet installations. Couple that with the fact that I am not working alone and it becomes a thing of beauty.

    I slept the night in deep slumber and arose at 0830 for my usual breakfast. I enjoyed this meal while booting up computers and then reading email and looking at the weather. After that it was a quick shave and get dressed in Sunday clothes and head to the 4H Fair in Steuben County.

    We arrived just at the appointed time, at 1100 hrs, and SAM & I worked the 4H Fair booth until 1400 hrs. Our morning was great and we got to meet quite a few kids as they passed through.Snow Crop -  How to grow snow Later, Mike McClelland passed through and we spent some quality time talking about various subjects of local importance. Finally, after what seemed a relatively short time our replacements arrived and we chatted for a bit and departed for another appointment in Angola.

    The remarkable thing about the Angola appointment was that the gentleman we were talking with had been in Panama just the previous winter. We discussed in depth the country and the fact that our own Jess was there on assignment as a Peace Corps Volunteer. This turned into a long but fruitful discussion of Panama and we enjoyed it immensely. What a good end of the day – not quite. I had to come home and finish the job of disassembling the tractor connectors and cleaning them with old fashion tuner cleaner and then reassembling them. By that time SAM was down ing the garden gleaning some more goodies like tomatoes, greens and more beans plus a few peppers.

    Now, as I watch the sun pass from the high trees down by the lake and the dusk is approaching, I am reflecting on my waning years and what I will do with left to me. I like life, always have, and as a saved soul do not fear the future too much but retain hope for that one last meaningful challenge that keeps the juices flowing, helps others and lets me stand straight.

  • Cherries & the Cherry Tree

    Posted on July 3rd, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    Son Marc is here from the Lone Star State with family. So good to have him here. Went over to sister Ann’s house and focused on the gigantic Cherry Tree and all those red berries (or is it fruit). After picking for about an hour of the three of us – grandpa, son, grandson – we had about a half of a 5 gallon bucket full. The good people upstairs are now pitting these little bad boys for our future enjoyment. Sister skimmed off a 6 cup batch for her famous Cherry Pie and disappeared butwill be heard from again when the bounty is cooked and pie’d. Tomorrow is the 4th of July. Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, of the United States of America. This is something of which we are extremely proud and celebrate by the picking of the Cherries in our small town.

    Several members of the family are absent from our personal get together. Children and Grandchildren are on foreign soil in service to our country and trying to make a difference to humanity. We are proud of them and their selfless service to the nation in which we were raised and pledge our allegiance. Thank you all.