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  • 29 December: Clay Co Fair

    Posted on December 29th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Today we spent some money – again.  Our Everpure water filter arrived from Amazon as did the silicon paste I have been waiting for.  After picking them up at First Assembly we went to the Walmart on 220/Hwy 17.  We located the RV section at the store and on the way back to that section I ran into a store employee talking to a lady about the Black Decker Lithium Battery Sweeper. Coincidently, SAM & I were looking online at that same sweeper for $77 on Amazon. The Walmart price was $59 so we bought the last one – yea a score.  We also bought a Camco water filter and its price was great – cheaper than Amazon.

    When we got back to the RV I installed the Camco filter.  We will wait on the install for the Everpure 0.5 micron filter ( goes to a drinking water spigot and to the icemaker).  Now I am listening to amateur radio 27225 on my Allstar mobile node 43584 and getting tired.  I have to fight this tiredness!  If I take a nap I will not sleep all night tonight.

    We are going to the Elks in Green Cove Springs tonight for Meatloaf.  I’ll let you know how it was in tomorrow’s blogline.  Cheers for now.

  • December 28: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on December 28th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    So far we like the CCFRP.  The price is good and the place  is nicely lit, good water, 50A electric, sewer, 43 TV stations and 5 bars of Verizon cellular.  A real plus is that the EOC is adjacent to there is police presence here continually.  We made the move yesterday 27 December and it was not eventful:  SAM drove the Civic and pulled the Tow Dolly while I drove the RV.  The manager helped us back in and we slowly set up without panic. The site is quite level but we added wood blocks to spread out the loads on the sand base.

    Today is an overcast rainy day with fog and haze:  all-in-all sort of depressing but you do not feel bad about staying inside.  This gives me time to write the blog and do some little projects.  Our coffee maker has a hairline crack and I am going to try some Permatex flowable windshield sealer to overcoat the crack. That should be interesting.  The more I think about it the bigger the job becomes 🙁

    The day after Christmas we went to Harbor Freight to get the free switchable LED lights.  I bought some XL Vinyl gloves and a metal Y valve for the RV.  Our old valve no longer turned so it is junk.  We use it to fill the onboard tanks and wash vehicles; however, here at the park they do not allow washing  vehicles and that is good considering the base is fine sand and it would get everywhere.


  • 25 December 2017: Christmas Day

    Posted on December 26th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    We awoke and greeted each other with Merry Christmas and I put SAM’s card into place on the chair where she would see it – it took until noon before she sat down and saw it. I had to use subterfuge to keep it hidden for several days. It was a surprise and she did enjoy the “Jesus is the Reason” card.

    After that we went to a new Chinese Laundry that was open.  We filled three front loading but smaller machines and later used only two dryers.  The total cost was $10.25 for about 30+#.  After that was a pretty uneventful Christmas Day.  The highlight was talking with Marc, Beth and Jessica as the carried on with their busy lives.

    The Christmas Letter 2017 only had about 5 bounces and I resolved three of them. I am now using Google to store the lists and contacts so hopefully, the bounces disappear. Love and Joy to everyone!

  • 24 December: Elks Orange Park

    Posted on December 24th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Today dawned hot and humid here in Orange Park.  SAM made the comment that with these temperatures we could stay up here all winter. I met Tom in the next RV and we talked a bit before he departed. for a few days to return on Wednesday to the Elks here.  We bid him adieu as we plan to leave on that day if we can get into the Clay County Fair RV Park ( more on that later). The picture is our Christmas Letter picture and is of this year.

    Today is Christmas Eve day and we went to “our” winter church down here in Flemming Island.  Wow, the Associate Pastor had a wonderful sermon “What Christmas Means”.  The message lead seamlessly into everyone saying a version of the sinners prayer and leading into everyone who has accepted Jesus into their heart is now saved. Most everyone came out of the church buoyed up and happy and full of brotherly love.  This evening we went to the candle light service where Pastor Bill Register PhD present the “The True Christmas Tree”.  the true Christmas tree is not the pine Christmas tree but the cross of Calvary.

    After morning church we went down to Green Cove Springs to check out the Clay County Fair RV Park west of town on 16.  There appeared to be plenty of space and the periphery sites had sewer hookups.  There was at least one Class A in a spot so they should accommodate us reasonably well.  The lots are not real level and slope to the back for drainage.  We will have to get some pavers or more wood blocks to build up for our rear jacks.  Tuesday we will  call to see if we can get

    Chuck & SAM

    Taken in October of 2016

    into the park.

    The days of 22 & 23 December were spent writing the Christmas Letter 2017 and misc stuff required of rv’ers like dumping, food, food shopping and a few dances at the Elks. The evening of the 23 td was the blow out Elks dance and locally famous band arrived and set up as we ate our burgers & fries at the Elks. More and more people arrived and a real dance came about and they were a good band.  We stayed until 10PM but I had to pry SAM away from the music and the dance floor. Some of the dancing couples were almost pro quality and it was a bit intimidating and we both wanted to lead.  Two good days leading up to the 24th.


  • 21 December: Orange Park

    Posted on December 21st, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    We remain at the Elks in Orange Park and signed up for another week. I cannot tell you what we have done since the last blogline on the 19th. In general, we removed the aft stateroom old analog crt tv and installed a 24″ flatscreen with a Roku attached. The first pass through yielded 50 TV stations here in the Jacksonville area. We are quite pleased since it proves the antenna does really work and that the Roku attaches successfully to the Verizon hotspot. Next comes the forward TV and we will be set.

    Last night was the Elks Christmas dinner and we attended and met several new couples. It was fun and we slept well sated. Today we went looking for a wireless mouse and a battery powered sweeper. We found a Logitech mouse and did not find the sweeper. It seems my onboard mouse is very sensitive and just takes off doing strange things so the external mouse is a Godsend.

    It appears we signed up SAM successfully for Obamacare but we will find out more tomorrow it it was totally successful or if even more hoops are necessary for us to jump through. Then came the bills to pay and now we await going over to the Elks so say howdy. All in all we have been pretty busy. Tonight I want to finish the Christmas Letter 2017 and partially emailed out. However, I am a bit tired from all the stress so it may not get done.

  • 18 December: Beyond and Monday

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    The lot was empty this morning but now all sites are full. Just a few minutes ago a class C came in with a Yorkie – a sort of aggressive Yorkie. Mind you, Abby can be a bit on the aggressive side but remember, Abby is my girl, so is as close to perfect as she can be.

    We madw a trip a few minutes ago down to Harbor Freight to buy one of those three keyed as one locks. It was to lock up the 7′ ladder out on the tow dolly. We have been worrying about our girl for a while now so today was the time.

    Dinner is coming up and I can smell it but cannot still count on it for sure so I am going to sign off as SAM lights the burners.

  • A Parody

    Posted on December 18th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    So I thought this reveling and pretty accurate in a negative sort of way.

  • 17 December: Orange Park Elks

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    Sunday dawned and it was sort of up and at them morning since we needed to get ready for church. The plan was to leave the Rv at 0945 but we were delayed at least another 5 minutes and on the way encountered a train , which was mercifully short, before we were going south on highway 17. After a stressful beginning we did manage to arrive at 1012 so we had a few minutes to collect ourselves. We sat in what has become our traditional seat surrounded by people we recognized and were made to feel at home.

    After church we went a bit southward on hwy 17 to Corkeys and had the Cod which I find wonderful and so does SAM. After becoming a bit too full we made our way back to the RV via Kingsley to Blanding and then north to Collins and the Elks. We lounged for a bit but then got itchy feet and departed for St. Augustine.

    We checked out the Elks down there and their small RV park which had three RV’s in place. I mad a quick trip inside but found out that my /discover card was never given back to me from Corkeys. This rattled me a bit so I called them and they said they had it so we just headed out immediately to pick it up.

    To cap off the evening we went over to the clubhouse and they had a bit of food so we ate that and did not have the food we had in the RV. Now I write this and am getting sleepy eyed and lethargic so I will bid the blog adieu and goodnight.

  • 16 December: Orange Park

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    Saturday and it is cool this morning about 52° and going to a high of 61° forecast. SAM wants to go to Pennys for some Christmas shopping so we will doing that this afternoon. I just took a shower in prep so people do not think I am a heathen. Currently, I am listening to amateur radio on Allstar node 43584 which is connected to the East Coast Reflector (27339).

    Wow, what an afternoon, We spent the afternoon running around in Christmas traffic in Jacksonville from this store to this store. Then came lunch at Burger King with the special. Then SAM said, lets go to this mall and then to Publix for some food items for the Wednesday church buffet. BTW – this weekend is the Christmas Extravaganza so traffic is heavy at the malls.

    Later, I spent quality time on the internet finding a quality Winnebgo forum. Thus ends the days events but this evening, I am listening to node 27339 and FM music.

  • 15 December: Orange Park Elks

    Posted on December 15th, 2017 cwmoore No comments

    Friday, Neither one of us slept well last night. Abby was up bouncing around last night unhappy about something. So it was up and check things out. Then a very loud generator came on at 0230 and was on for an hour. The heat pump was cycling every hour and that is pretty noisey but the generator drowns out the heat pump. Thank heavens they only fire up the generator once a week.

    We went to General RV down the street about a mile. We bought some 12VDC lightbulbs that were the globe type for the makeup mirror. After that we headed to First Assembly for a short reunion and then headed back to the Rv via the Hibernia Publix store for lunch items. Then came a nap time and I went out to buy a RV Door Key to use as a backup.

    I am finishing the blog for today and then over to the Elks for a social chat. Moore later.