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  • Gloomy Thursday

    Posted on May 28th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    The Dow lost a couple of hundred points over the last two days. I guess that is sort of bad news. The skies are winter overcast and it looks wet and cool outside. What makes it even more gloomy is the fact that the bills keep rolling in at an unabated rate. I’ll get this all off my chest right now so the future posts are a little more positive.

    Ralph & Dianne Emerick lost their 28 year old son Lucas last Thursday night in an auto accident and the funeral was yesterday. The Pastor did a great job and the services were in the AG church in Angola where the Emericks have attended for several decades. Lucas was a national level roping competitor and had many belt buckles. The funeral was well attended by his cowboy friends.

  • Shocking: Federal Reserve Oversight

    Posted on May 27th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    This is a pretty shocking and disappointing performance of our financial leadership. Was she just having a bad day? Trying to avoid an antagonist? Or is she really that bad? I think I could do better than this and I do not have any experience in the field.


  • Facebook?

    Posted on May 26th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    I have to say I was enamored with Facebook. I loved it! The romance has died a bit but I still like it to keep in touch with the family & extended family. The problem is I like to write in my blog but FB takes time away from that endeavor. The second problem is field bandwidth – I just do not have it when I am pursuing my summer activities. I suppose connectivity will become much better in the years to come and I will be able to get on the net from anywhere 3G/4G/LTE will exist.

  • Bits & Pieces

    Posted on May 20th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    The ITS Michigan Annual Exposition 2009 has come and gone. It was nice to meet with old friends and network a bit. Who knows, I might get some consulting jobs out of the deal. At least one person mentioned that he could use me for some field consulting. It would be fun to try.

    Last week we spent the second week on the boat and it was sort of a non-event. We did get work accomplished by refinishing the cutting boards and they look very nice now. In addition, we refinished and varnished the red/green navigation lights and I re-crimped all the connections. The look much nicer now. SAM got in a lot of walking, we used the heater every night, saw the sun go down at Oval Beach two nights and bounced around in the high winds – the barometric pressure high was 30.45″ and that is quite high for this time of year.

    Today I worked at the airport with Mike doing maintenance on the hangar doors. We got two doors done and participated in the TSA Hangar Owners executive committee meeting. I think we have about 4 or 5 more doors to go. We discussed the possibility of getting a jet on the field and the Board of Aviation actions regarding that subject. It would be nice for the airport to have a jet based there.

  • ITS Michigan Annual Exposition

    Posted on May 13th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    CWM was invited to the ITS Michigan Annual Exposition as an honored guest. While no longer on the Board of Directors due to term limits the activity remains constant as the Webmaster of the site www.itsmichigan.org. Therefore, I was the press so to speak and I got to interview everyone

  • Time flies

    Posted on May 13th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    It has been more than a week since my last post. Time has been flying away from me lately. We have been doing the church work, tending the boat and early this week we went to Detroit to the Annual Exposition of the Intelligent Transportation Society of Michigan. I designed and maintain the website of the organization so I was invited to be there as the “Press”.

    We have started the boating season and live on the boat most of the time. This summers plans include a few weeks of cruising Lake Michigan. We would like to get up to Mackinac Island, Drummond Island and in the process visiting the Fox , Maintou and Beaver Islands. then we go down the west side of the lake to the Green Bay Peninsula. From there the plan is to return to Saugatuck direct across the lake. What a grand trip.

  • Cinco de Mayo + dos

    Posted on May 7th, 2009 cwmoore No comments