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  • Big Storms Today

    Posted on March 6th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    I awoke this AM to the sound of rain about 0500 but went back to sleep until 0730 and it was still raining.  Yea, since last night I put the downspouts on that leads to the pool.  The radar showed plenty of rain remained but SAM want to go to a few garage sales.  So off we went to Clearwater – the garage sale there was a bust but I did drive down to Clearwater Muni Marina.  The rain started really pouring so we headed for home.  As we were leaving the Tornado Watch turned to Warning in the Clearwater/St Petersburg areas.  A waterspout was seen offshore and was heading for Kenneth City which is pretty close to M’s house where we were staying.  Then a Severe Thunderstorm Warning was announced directly in our path: boy did it rain.  It rained so hard we could not see the road so we just slowed down and put on the emergency blinkers.  By the time we got home most of the rain was gone and so were all the warnings.  The pool was full to overflowing so I removed the fill pipes and we had lunch.

    In the afternoon, I swept the pool and then back washed the filter and added some of the diacretaceous earth.  By the time the pump shutoff for the afternoon the water was noticeably brighter and blue:  A good end to the afternoon so to reward myself, I bought two new bicycle tires from Niagara Cycle to replace the cheap original Chinese OEM’s.  Hopefully they last and reject all the goat’s head burr’s 🙂

    Now it is getting late and I have to floss and rinse so good night all.