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  • Posted on November 12th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    I just read an article in Quillette entitled “How An Anonymous Accusation Derailed My Life” and was impressed by the content.  As a product of a small midwest town I am well aware how one malicious person with a vendetta can influence decades of thinking in the small town environment.  The whispers and sage advice offered by local experts on everything cause much damage to otherwise innocent people.  This happens without the person even knowing that it is happening so after the animal is out of the pen it is not possible to put it back in.  Just my two cents for the evening and I hope you read all of the article.

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  • Several Trips to the Airport

    Posted on November 12th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    I can’t believe we made 3 trips to the airport today and 3 in days past.  Loading up for the winter.  Today was one of those dreary Indiana Winter days like in January and February. Temperature was about 40°± and this eveniImage result for neighbor in the woodsng on the last trip for today it was raining lightly.  We are almost finished and ready to hibernate until April.

    I went down to see my neighbor Loren and to watch him burn leaves and branches.  It was very exciting and we could hear the sap boiling out of the green branches. We discussed a lot of things but managed to avoid the pitfall of politics, judgemental issues and hunting deer.  Our discussion consisted of things like the water in the lake being too high for the last 5 years and out docks and rowboats.  Then we talked about all the dead Ash trees we have had to cut and detritus in the woods.  It was an enjoyable afternoon and one like my Grandfather must have enjoyed talking with his neighbor.  Life was simple before the invasion of mass media and Goering’s legacy of disinformation philosophies.

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  • Cold!

    Posted on November 10th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Man, the cold weather came slamming in with cold in teens, snow and slippery roads.  Rick Boyer came over this morning to winterize the cottage.  He has it down pat so his retired rates are very reasonable.

    We want to go to the airport to take a few items to the hangar for the winter; however, the report from Rick is that the roads are very slippery.  Couple that with 15mph and you have a chill factor that makes us reluctant to go outside, in spite of our long-johns. Brrr!

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  • Saturday Slow

    Posted on November 3rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor, nature and waterYesterday I was a bundle of energy and seemed to accomplish a lot.  This included making a tour of my Geocaches, cleaning sticks off the roof plus a myriad of other necessary but little tasks like putting the deck table into the bar, taking the tools out of the truck and putting them in the car and sweeping the truck with my newish Harbor Freight vacuum (It works better than my Sears shopvac). Wow what a day. Surprisingly I was not fatigued at the end of the day.

    Today, SAM had an event at the church, a funeral dinner, and is not back as I write this so I expect I have some time to tell the world of my day.  I awoke at the customary late time, fixed breakfast and cleaned out the dishwasher.  After that I checked email and the ubiquitous Facebook plus checked the weather – yucky for the rest of the week – and just sat and watched the sunshine filtering through the rather leafless trees in the back yard.  You could say we are at peak color but about 50% of the leaves are down due to the rain of several days and whatever E, S, W winds we have had.  Today the winds shifted from SE to SW so I got out the leaf blower and swept the driveway while taking advantage of the SW winds to lift the leaves in the exact direction I wanted them to go – yea. Having a few minutes after lunch, I cleaned out the storm water pickups & drains of our down-the-hill piping system (we are down the slope from the road and in the

    winter the salt/sand trucks deposit a LOT of sand that works its way into the drain system). The Amateur Radio Allstar node has been almost non-stop today and I am listening to it while waiting for SAM to return.

    Next week we are winterizing the summer “cabin” so it is officially the end of the season.  This year has gone fast!  There were few major milestones and few medical events,  I spent a lot of time at the airport this year and moved much shop equipment out there so I could do some woodworking, cleaning and minor repairs needed to Inspiration III. In the course of the summer I was re-introduced to the aviation community that I have let languish since my flying buddy of decades died about 2002. I do not have an overwhelming desire to fly again, certainly not in “fly high go fast” machines, but every once in a while I get a little tickle to go up again in a LSA.  The hangar is bare except for Inspiration III and another dolly.  I will clean them out this week and plug her into home power.

    Opps, SAM just arrived – got to go.  BFN

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  • Commercial Invasion of Midwest aquifer

    Posted on October 17th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    They are talking abou major disruptions of water table levels within dozens of counties west and north of Pioneer, OH.  Please. please read this article.  This is crowd source support at stake here. HELP>>>>I live in the affected are a near Angola, IN in the country where our well went from 60′ to 180′ in a matter of years (read $7K for a new well that is so severely iron that is disrupting) .  This will affect dozens of counties because it does not stop at one well but up to a hundred wells with 150,000,000 gallons capacity per week.  Area parks, rivers and farm wells will go dry.  The water comes from the surface over years of rain water at present levels.  Follow the $$$.


    An excerpt of the article follows in case it is taken down:

    PIONEER, Ohio — A boisterous crowd of 200 people showed extreme displeasure with Pioneer Mayor Ed Kidston’s plan to sell Michindoh Aquifer water to Toledo-area suburbs on Monday night, first with a protest outside the Pioneer Community Center and then inside it during the village’s monthly meeting.

    The mayor, once most people had left, went so far as to describe the large group of attendees as an angry “mob,” saying he has no plans to stop his project.

    CTY-BRYANWATER14 Fayette resident Dan Nicely speaks out against sharing water with Toledo suburbs during the Pioneer Village Council meeting.

    Enlarge | Buy This Image

    His plan is to have his company, Artesian of Pioneer, sell Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania, and other communities between Lucas and Williams counties water it either draws from wells or pays farmers to do so. The aquifer in question serves several Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana counties. It lies almost exclusively beneath Williams County.

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  • We turned on heat!

    Posted on October 16th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    No automatic alt text available.

    We turned on the heat in the house a week ago today and then last night it was 32°F.  The Fall is here and we are not ready for it.  Friday the 12th the Y Oak in the front yard was cut down due to death of the east half.  We started splitting the wood with the power splitter the next day.  We have three ranks sitting in the driveway now and more splitting to be done.  I do not think we will get 2 full cords like I originally estimated but we will have a full cord and perhaps an additional rank.  With the the Ash we have it will be about 5 ranks total.  What a nice thing to do in the Fall – split wood.  The Fall leaves are starting to come down and we intend to try and chop them up with the mower.  If this is successful then no more leaf vacuuming.  This gives us freedom for this time of year, whereas before, it was like an anchor.

    Last night was a Gideon’s meeting and I went for the dinner part too.  We had a good crowd and a guest speaker who talked about the “Friends of Gideons”.  The gist of the discussion was that name recognition is becoming less and less such that the youth of today do not even know what Gideons are all about.  Also discussed were the three circles of Gideon’s – Bible distribution being most prominent by far and how we need to normalize the three circles to a more equal basis.  A very interesting evening.  From what I can see the membership may be increasing in our camp.


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  • A parting picture via KOS

    Posted on September 16th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Yea, our leader and inspiration:

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  • Sunday Church Day

    Posted on September 16th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Today we went to FCC after our few week absence due to Maine Vacation.  How wonderful it is to be with our Christian Brothers and Sisters. We enjoyed the message and Communion, I call it Holy Communion, and finally the little sweets afterwards.  Thanks to Josh, Terry, Betty, David and Judy for making the “home coming” MEMORABLE.


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  • My Day NE Indiana

    Posted on September 12th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    This is our first full day back in extreme NE Indiana.  I awoke somewhere near 0700 this morning and t here was no sun!  I want sun.  Sometime later it peeked thru so I ventured to check the weather and – yea – it said sunny and 74°/  Life is good.

    Still later I ate breakfast and prepared to head to the RV do get a few neglected chores do.  However, I wanted to investigate YouTube on my Norcold refridge propane operation issue that occurred on the trip.  So the video said rust accumulates behind the heat shield.  I took it off and sure enough it was way beyond the video levels so I vacuumed it out and then blew air into the cavity.  I looked with a flashlight but due to the construction I could not see too much so I re-purposed and old toothbrush and did a delicate side to side while rotating the brush.  Then it was another round of air.  Guess what?  It worked and looked just like the flame in the video.  SUCCESS!

    I did a few other chores around the RV and then left for the 5 Lakes coffee shop.  Yummy taste.  I headed for home to spray the weeds growing up in the driveway – a position of neglect forced by other priority projects this summer.  Later, I completed a few computer necessary projects and this lead me into doing this blurb.  Cheers for this evening.

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  • Erie, PA & past days

    Posted on September 9th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    We left Maine on Thursday 6 Sept after a two day extension.  We wanted to stay longer but potential plans and weather said it was time to leave.  That very long day we drove 575 miles to Verona, NY.  SAM chipped in for a 2 hour long drive when I was really tired of driving after 6 hours.  When we cleared the Boston corridor SAM said she would drive and I was ready for a stop.  As she drove, I faded into and out of dream paradise until I was finally awake.  With my urgent inputs for this correction or that she said it was my time to drive.  I finished up with a 1.5 hour sprint to Verona Villages  RV Park.  We both rested well for 2 days and headed out for Erie, PA.

    The trip to Erie, Pa and our next rv park was uneventful 4 hour plus/minus.  We arrive at exit 18 and turned right to Piscque Iles RV park. It was easy to find and we started to check in but I decided to call the number in the phone.  Guess what?  Wrong RV park.  I left, tails between our legs, and went to West Haven RV Park which is a mom n pop.  It is a nice place and they upgraded us for the confusion.  A restful night ensued.

    Today, Sunday, we ate in the RV and about 1000+ we left for Presque Isle State Park 6 miles to the NE on 832.  Wow, what a nice and free state park.  Lots of activities and much to see. We headed for lunch about 1400 hrs at a local place.  On the way in, it started to rain and rain and rain up to this very minute of 1900 hours.  It looks like an all nighter and tomorrow too.  Thanks Heaven they have 17 local OTA TV stations – including PBS.  I watched the obligatory woodworking programs this morning and very much enjoyed.

    Monday morning 0730: Raining intermittent hard right now – a remnant of TS Gordon.  All Sunday afternoon from 1400 hrs it rained hard and very hard overnight.  I awoke in a panic dreaming we were floating ans sinking in the mud.  A quick check outside showed it was only a dream.  SAM was up at 0530 with a whisper that she was taking Abby out for a nature call.  After that it was no going back to sleep so I raised myself out of bed and started trying to find a site to camp at Sandusky, OH.  I found a couple likely ones but Crystal Rock Campground looks like the best access for us since we will be there only 2 nights.  We have been in this area several times but as sailors, aviators but now the RV is a new way.  In any case, we leave tomorrow AM for the short drive of 3 hours or the other option is to just go all the way to Indiana depending on campground reservations.


    We made reservations for Escapee’s Rainbow’s End Livingston campground for the month of Nov 15 to Dec 17 and blocked out January and February too.  I do not remember the exact dates so I have to call them back today but I need to notify Marc and block it into my smartphone.


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