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  • Truck w Camper fail

    Posted on October 29th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    We were pulling the car dolly behind the Camper and experienced a brake failure. Fortunately the vehicle was stopped and we were at our hotel in Knoxville. After dismounting the car, we took off the car dolly in preparation for the truck being towed about a mile away to a repair shop. A call a few hours later said we could pick up the truck. When we arrived the service deskman said the brake lines were so rusty that the fix came with no warranty. Well, the brakes have worked well every since but is something waiting around the corner? Probably but since it is in its resting spot it should not matter too much.

    I just looked up the Latitude of Boca del Toro, Panama and it is about 9°20’±. I was talking with another sailor who said he may go down there this winter season and stay there to avoid the hurricane season a bit farther to the north. What fun that would be – perhaps winter of 2016 for us.

    We have been very busy and need to write more.

  • Back to normal – sort of

    Posted on October 8th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    My eye is slowly coming back to the new normal. I worked on a project wiring a house for data and tv out at Lake James. It was sort of fun and we did it the rightway by redoing the shlock job a previous installer performed. All this required removing some of the skirting and pulling the cables to the areas we wanted to install the new features. Larry Boyd and I worked together most of the afternoon and there is still a lot to be done. Larry is an old classmate from AHS.

    The amatuer radio shack is proceeding at a snails pace but at least all the materials have been purchased and are sitting there waiting for Larry and Myself to finish our Lake James job. Then I can finish wiring and have the area sprayed with a thin layer of foam. After that comes the back wall studding and more fiberglass insulation and finally the bead and peg board in all brilliant white. When the shack is done all the amatuer radio and electronics stuff will be moved out to the new area. This will make SAM very happy and me too. I am debating moving some of the computer equipment out there too.

    Right now I am listening to IRLP Reflector 9050 but nothing is happening. An hour or so ago I started organizing the stuff to load into the truck for the short trip. I also found my amber sun glasses that have been missing for a day or so. Yea – it’s a winning day! Moore later.

  • Stitches out = immediate relief and normal vision

    Posted on October 3rd, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    Wow, what a relief it is. That is exactly how I felt when the stitches came out of my eyeball. Almost that quick my vision returned to normal and the irritation went away. Life is good again and I can use the computer and do normal things I did a week ago. I do not want to do that for a while. It makes you understand how fragile life is and your well being can go in an instant so you had better be prepared and sure of your salvation.