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  • Kayaking Pigeon Creek & Hogback Lake

    Posted on October 30th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Put the kayak in at S 450 W bridge and paddled down river – had to jump one logjam very near to the putin bridge. On the way down a 6 pointer, seemingly unconcerned, followed me along the river for several hundred yards – man, my camera was packed away – before I reached the swamp and he left. Arrived at island and fired up the GPS. It took a few minutes to settle down and take me to the geocache. DRAT, there was no pen or pencil in the cache. I left a $2 bill and scratched VM’s and the date on one page of the log (very lightly) with a little fish, that I took, that was in the cache. As far as I could tell there were two entries – one found by accident and one proper find both this year. I like the inside of the lid “Secret Agent”. On way upstream going back to the bridge I saw two muskrat and a doe plus lots of birds. I had to portage around the logjam. If anyone else goes down the river please bring a bow saw to cut up the logjam.

  • Late to rise

    Posted on October 28th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Rolled out of bed later than usual this morning.  I am not sure why except it felt chilly – and it was.  Once out of bed I walked Fish Creek Trail down to the first cache stage and put a new metal tag in cache to replace the old paper one.  I then went out caching and found one but DNF two others.  It turns out one is in the middle of Hogback Lake on an island – we will have to get that one by kayak.  The other DNF I should have found and when SAM returned with me later SAM spotted right away.  We then did 3 more down by St Michael’s Church south of PL.  Now I await Karon so she can cut my hair – it needs a good cutting – but she is doing other jobs and may not have time.

  • Auto Tweets

    Posted on October 26th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    For some reason my Auto Tweet does not seem to be working.  I wonder why?

    I figure it out sometime.  I just got back from absentee voting.  It is easier than going into the precinct voting place.  Now we will just have to wait and see who gets elected.  All the talking heads are out there trying to influence my vote and I do not particularly care what they say.  Mostly I do not watch TV anyway and most of my video comes via Hulu Subscriptions.

  • Weather Event 102610

    Posted on October 26th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    [singlepic id=244 w=320 h=240 float=right]We just had a big storm pass through but now it looks like it is dying.  The radar said tornadoes, high wind and lightning – all we got was a little rain and high winds.  The leaves were coming down pretty good for a few minutes.

    I just got off Facebook after posting a note to Lonnie who just retired from the Post Office.  I wanted to go geocaching again today (I found 5 yesterday in the vicinity of PL) but it will be too wet outside.

    SAM is making Kimchi and it is now standing in the salt. Yummy, I cannot wait for the new batch to be ready in a couple of days.  We have both been catching up since our return from the “boat”.  Yesterday we had turkey that we roasted.  It was good also.  I guess you can tell it is 11:45 AM since all I am taking about is food……….Moore later

  • Geocaches

    Posted on October 25th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I used my new Explorist 210 (used mapping GPS) to find 5 caches in an hour or so.  Found and logged all of them.  Plus spent some time getting familiar with the GPS again.  All seems cool and I am going to be able to use this thing wherever I go.

    LATER: perhaps I spoke too soon.  The USB port seems persnickety and cantankerous.  Perhaps if I just followed instructions.

  • Twitter test

    Posted on October 24th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    This is a test of the auto-twitter.  OK again

  • Outlook 2000 & today

    Posted on October 24th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    This morning dawned with overcast skies but the wind was moderate.  I bailed out of bed and cleaned up for a return to the home church.  About noon we went to Ann’s to see the first floor – it echo’d like a tomb.  We talked for a while and went to the homestead for lunch and a nap.

    After awakening I geared up for a visit to our FISH CREEK TRAIL geocache.  Not one hardy soul had found it in a year.  I went to visit all stages and even took some pictures to prove it was there.  I wrote up our found article and posted it and the pics.  I finished up by walking most of the trail and I was sweating in the 72º temperatures.

    After I got home I gloated over the success in getting my Outlook 2000 working after installing the Apple iTune app.  Seems like Apple does not still interface with Windows well.  Take care if you have O2K and you install iTunes.  O2K will not stay open if you do – there is a work around and it involves repeated multiple hits of the O2K icon.  The fix is here:

    • Symptoms
      After installing iTunes 10 on a Windows PC with Microsoft Outlook 2000 installed, Microsoft Outlook 2000 will not open.

      Products Affected
      iTunes 10 for Windows, Microsoft Outlook 2000

      iTunes will sync with Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, or Microsoft Outlook 2010. If you use Microsoft Outlook 2000, you can resolve this issue by renaming the “OutlookChangeNotifierAddIn.dll” file. This file can be renamed however you choose, and is found in the following default location depending on your operating system:

      Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit):
      C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\OutlookChangeNotifierAddIn.dll
      Windows Vista (64-bit) or Windows 7 (64-bit):
      C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\OutlookChangeNotifierAddIn.dll
      If you install Microsoft Outlook 2003, Microsoft Outlook 2007, or Microsoft Outlook 2010 after renaming this file, you may need to reinstall iTunes 10 before being able to sync Contacts, Calendars, email account information, or Notes.

  • Back on land is like ……

    Posted on October 23rd, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Being back on land for the winter really is sort of like non-reality.  Spent the day waking up, going to Meijer’s, going out to the Fish Creek Trail geocache and catching up on the ITS Michigan website.  Do people really live like this?  Give me back the water!

  • Saugatuck Yacht Service

    Posted on October 18th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We made our move down to SYS to be ready for haulout tomorrow AM. How sad the season has ended. We will be onboard tonight and leave for Indiana tomorrow afternoon. We have to come back Thursday night so I can go to my dentist appointment Friday AM. After that we will not be back until March to do the bottom paint for next summers season.

    A dull morning turned into a beautiful afternoon. SAM is walking back to get the car at Tower Marine – this will fulfil the daily walking routine. We are anticipating the Fall leaf raking season and some time at home before we go to Florida for the coldest winter months.

    I read a lot of books this summer! Too bad I do not remember the titles and authors. Some were good a very few excellent and a lot of them bad. Once I start reading a book I finish it in deference to the author who deserves to be read even if it is bad.

  • Dingy Trip

    Posted on October 17th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    We too a dingy trip up and down the K’Zoo this afternoon when we finished lunch.  We started up river but it is so low we were soon churning mud – bad news.  After several abortive passages upriver we turned down river seeking Lake Michigan.  We did not make it because SAM started to get too cold and my leg was going asleep.

    After we returned to the boat, I ran the motor with the gas shutoff until it ran out of fuel, removed the motor and hoisted the dingy to the forward part of the boat using the winch and SAM guiding the process.

    Talked with RJ, Tower Marina owner, and he said the cradle is ready for me to paint and I said we would wait until next spring since I did not want partially cured paint getting on the boat.  In passing he said the cradle was reinforced to support the keel totally with the pads taking up the side loads.  I expressed a concern with the forward keel area that must be supported and he said he would take care of it with the welder.  I consider this the fulfillment of the contract we made with Matt last year if the cradle does not bend like last year and needed block support.