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  • Time is short

    Posted on March 30th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    We are waiting for the truck to be returned from the repair shop so we can start to repack it for the trip home.  I must admit I cannot wait to be on the road.  This winter has not been kind to me.  First it was over-working polishing the stainless steel and I was in extreme agony with neck back and phantom pains: this lasted for more than 4 weeks.  Then came the allergies and after that a real diagnosed case of the flu coupled with a cold.  I have been pretty weak for the past month trying to kick the sicknesses.

    Today our South African friends left for their journey home to the Durban area.  We were sad to see them go but we are sure we will see them again.  Later in the afternoon, our new arch speakers arrived so SAM helped me install them using butyl tape as the sealing agent.  I turned on the speakers and they worked but the starboard side speaker just puts out base but sound does emit from both.  I really bought the speakers to seal the hole in the arch: the Sony speaker cones have long since disintegrated.  This would let water enter the arch which is not good.

    I went down to the camper and found the second storage padlock key.  We will leave this here so that any potential buyer will be able to get iiside to see what is there.  The repair of the delta shower faucet was a bust.  I couldn’t get the screw to break loose and was afraid of damaging the manifold. That would require shutting down the water system and I do not have enough time to finish this season.  Next year.

  • A depressing day

    Posted on March 19th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    Twice today I have had to zip the cockpit enclosure due to rain.  The last time was a few minutes ago and I was just sort of snoozing with the computer on my lap when I heard the pitter patter of raindrops on the companionway hatch.  Up I arose and zipped the dodger shut and the aft curtain as well.

    Earlier today a guy from Hansen Marine Services came by and installed a new thermostatic control for the forward air conditioners.  I think it might have been un-necessary but still it is good that it was done.  Now, I wish the aft unit had the same thing done to it.

    I think the Prednisone treatment is making me a little depressed.  I am down to the last two days and tomorrow is one pill and finally the last one on Saturday.  The flu was bad enough and add to that either a cold with allergies or just allergies. Bah, enough of this depressing talk.  I am just going to erase it from this nautical blog and put it in my Moore that Enough blog.

    I called our old broker today to see what he thought about listing our boat – perhaps.  He was a bit shocked but said he would stop by Saturday to discuss it.

  • Today is DJ’s Birthday

    Posted on March 18th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    Today is DJ’s 25th birthday.  Beth said he had a pretty good day but was getting a little sick later – too much stress.  I facebooked him this morning with best wishes.  I hope he has many good days.

    Down at the boat today it was windy and moderately warm with sun.  There was a lot of boating activity today.  The Canadians started to arrive back from the Bahamas.  I did a lot of talking with Jim Evans of Winsome while the wives went to St. Augustine. He gave me some ideas for solar panel mounts.  He is convincing me that I really do need the panels for cruising peace of mind.  The generator will charge the batteries but it would need to be run about 3 hours per day to keep batteries topped.  The panels would cut that in half.

    It is quite cool tonight and we have the boat buttoned up with only one fwd hatch open.  Might rain also.

  • Health Update: Flu

    Posted on March 17th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    Due to multiple factors I went to the Emergency Room in Middleburg last Sunday. I called my local doctor and he said I should go to the ER.  We went to the St. Vincents Clay hospital.  Our treatment was through, reasonable quick and I felt well treated by professionals.  In the end, I was released after about 5 hours with the verdict that I had the “Flu” and allergy attack.  My main meds are Prednisone and Rest but I got a lot of other prescriptions for nausea, chest congestion  and an Inhaler.

    I do feel better today. The chest congestion is loosening up but I still feel weak.  I am sleepy right now as I write this so I will return later.

  • Putzing around the boat

    Posted on March 11th, 2015 cwmoore No comments

    I am suffering from allergies or a cold or both so I turned on the aircon, fore and aft, and it is keeping up with the not so hot heat out there.  Truthfully, I do not feel much like writing but need to get this documented. Our time down here is getting shorter and we are starting to think of what we have to do to de-commission the boat for another season.

    This morning we finished up Alex’s Flat Stanley adventure and posted it up to his school.  Hopefully he will take time to read the rather complicated prose and to look through the pictures and advertisements.  We had a good time going around town taking pictures and then printing them.  I know SAM really got into the project.

    In addition we sent DJ a birthday card.  We know he is not feeling well but any encouragement is way better than none so we got it into the mail with the same package.  Happy Birthday DJ.  Get well Grandson.

    We have been slowly doing things on the boat.  The weather outside has not been real conducive to motivate us.  There are tons of little chores and bright work to do.  We have found problems at every turn and almost every major system needs attention but most are not a real big deal.

    • We have been up the mast and replaced the spreader lamps with NAPA 4411 bulbs and re-connectorized the ring terminals.
    • While up there we checked the spreader and somone had put a galvanized bolt in place of the stainless steel and not it is totally frozen in place.
    • The main halyard is frayed and needs to be replaced.  I have to measure the length and order that too.
    • The Steaming Light lens is broken and needs replaced and is on order.
    • The Stern White Light needs replaced and it is on order