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  • Summer is here

    Posted on August 3rd, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    The month of July has to go down as one of the hottest months on record – if not the record – as we have been in the 90’s most of the days here in PL. We had two days that it reached above 100°F: That has not happened for a long time. Now August starts with high temperatures in the 90’s. Wow!

    With all the high temperatures came a two week dry spell and a big thunderstorm that produced very high microburst winds that knocked the top out of one of our biggest Oak trees in the back yard. I’ll have to get the chainsaw running but I think I will wait until the cooler days of this fall to cut it up – too many mosquitoes and Deer Flies down there right now. Yep, I am wimping out on this deal.

    Speaking of the chainsaw, it is a very old one from the 70’s that has seen a lot of wood cut. The chain is still sharp and it cuts pretty straight that way. I suppose some day I will have to get a new one but I will miss old yellow when that happens. I am not sure I can even get parts but a quick internet search says there are still parts out there for a price.

    I ay a little thanks for WordPress Draft function. It just saved my bacon when I accidentally closed this session. When I reopened it here was the complete thread. Yea….. Well, it is time to make coffee and get moving. Moore later.