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  • Kayaking and how to get wet!

    Posted on March 31st, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Here come the T-Storms.  It started to rain just about the time I went down to go kayaking this afternoon.  Usually I enter the water by powering up an old section of dock that I put in the water – about half is in the

    Here come the Stormswater and half on land.  However, today I decided to see if I could do a straddle entry.  I straddled from the rear and got into the boat but the seat was down and when I tried to scooch froward to get the seat back up things got a little crazy and I tipped out of the boat and into the cold water.  The kayak was half filled with water and the small amount of water that penetrated through the rain jacket and nylon pants ran right down into my neoprene boots. 

    I pulled the boat up on the  beach and dumped it out as best I could and this time went down the slide of the dock section. I paddled to the other end of the lake and cut some brush so I could go down the channel to the culvert that goes under the road to Miserva Lake (the culvert is about 36″ in diameter).  I think if I lay on top of the kayak I could make it through as it is only about 100 feet.  If I try it I am going to tie a strong rope to the kayak so someone could pull me out if there is choke point int the culvert. 

  • Kayaking weekend

    Posted on March 30th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    This has been a kayaking weekend.  We went out Saturday and padled the free areas of the lake and broke through long sections of the 1/2″ sun weakened green ice.  It made a cool sound and it was fun.  SAM even tried it.  The water is still very cold and not too kindly to accidental spills so we tried to be careful.

     Sunday after church we had a benefit luncheon at the Youth Center featuring our stuff (BBQ beef) and spaghetti with  a meat sauce.  We still chipped into the kitty so the benefitee’s would have a goodly amount of profits.  while eating, I suggested to Fred we go kayaking and at first he said no but then suggested 1500 hrs.  It was raining but he stilled wanted to go. We had a great time and used the high water to go places normally not accessible later in the summer.  Fred even wanted to go to through from Gooseneck to Miserva via 3′ diameter pipe that was about 100′ long.  I was not too keen on this as it would make me bend over so tight I did not want to hurt my neck.  We would have had to lay on the top of the kayak and hand pole through – no thanks.

  • Easter Sunday

    Posted on March 23rd, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    SAM rousted me out of bed at 0830 and I took a shower and got ready for church.  I have been sleeping in the downstairs bedroom for the past few days and will continue until SAM gets rid of this very nasty bronchitis and sore throat.  The worst attack I have seen in years.  Normally, we go to my brothers for Easter but not this year.  I went to church alone and there were a lot of people on the prayer list.  The bug must be going around.

     After church I went home and ate dinner of chicken soup and took a very short nap and then out the door to Nevada Mills  for a kayak expidition down to the public Ramp which I would guess is about a mile.  I saw a few people but mostly it was just empty winter homes waiting for summer.  I did see two swans, innumerable geese and quite a few ducks.  There were two pairs that I just drifted up close to and got about 10′ away before the got nervous and swam away.  I do not know what type of ducks they were but were not the typical Mallard.  The males looked like Mallards but with a more brown head and light brown on their neck’s.  If I had a duck book maybe I”ll be able to edit this and tell you.

    On the way home I stopped at Starbuck’s and got a decaf from Brandon.  The rest of the afternoon was sort of anti-climatic.  I called Andy,Marc,and Martha but no answers so I decided to write this little work.

  • Tour the North Lakes

    Posted on March 22nd, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I toured the Lake James area and down to Nevada Mills and on to Crooked Lake.  None of the Lakes are really open.  Most of the Nevada Mills Channel is open and so is the Lake James to Jimmerson Lake Channel.  My lake is Gooseneck and it is just opened up a bit on the East end.

  • After the Snow

    Posted on March 22nd, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    We did not get the snow depth predicted and I would say that about 1″ fell here in PL.  I might write later today on other subjects but for now I will say that SAM is ill and we will not begoing to my brothers house for our traditional Easter celebration.  I drove up to Meijer’s to get some chloraseptic lozenges.  I guess I should have gotten the spray as she just fell back into a slumber and did take the numbing agent.  Everyone is getting sick.  My sister was ill last week and now SAM.

  • Good Friday

    Posted on March 21st, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I worked in the home office this Good Friday writing Special Provisions for a project in Indiana.  I developed a foundation for the SP in the morning and then developed iit further in the afternoon.  I want to finish tonight as the team lead is working tomorrow to finalize the document.

    During the lunch hour(s) I went to Good Friday services at our church in Angola.  It started snowing quite hard and when I left to go home there was about an inch of snow onthe ground.  NOAA says we can expect 4 – 8 inches of the white stuff tonight.

    SAM has a cold that has settled in the chest.  It sounds horrible but I doubt that this will stop our trip to see my brother.  As a matter of fact SAM was a bit miffed this morning when I mentioned a 1500 hr departure for the 3 hour trip.

    I am going to take my computer and GPS unit tomorrow because my brother moved to a new house – a downsized one that is twice as big as the last one.  I guess there will be no trawler or houseboat on the river after all.

    We aare starting to think of launch time for our boat.  Last year I moved on the boat the first week of May and had to use the heater a few times before it got warm.  I am thinking of about the same time this year.  With the economy in the dumps I guess I will have to wait to sell it for some time to come.

    Check out this site.  Space pictures from NASA.  http://www.texasjim.com/NASApix/NASA%20pix.htm

  • Palm Sunday

    Posted on March 16th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    We went to church this morning.  The message jumped all over the New Testament and I am sorry to say I did not follow the message; however, there was a lot of emotion so I guess it was just me.

    After the services Fred B & wife, Karon and Brandon, SAM and myself went out for brunch and it turned into an all breakfast table.  Sam & I drove out to see where 600W intersects with the Fawn River – We want to put in there and paddle down to Orland or the cemetary near Orland.  It should be about 3 hours of slow drifting and paddling.  It will be several weeks before we have time to do this as spring time duties will prevail.

    Then it was home to take a nap and then out for the 2 mile trail walk along Fish Creek.  This leads to dinner and right now and time for bed – I have a book to read concerning kayaking Lake Superior.  I would love to do part of the trip before my paddling time is up.

  • Lazy Saturday

    Posted on March 15th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    SAM had to work this morning so I got up as I was being pestered with coughs and other time to rise signals.  I went in to McDonalds and most of the usual crowd was there.  We talked about Hillary and Obama.  It appears to us that it is a young vs old sort of thing if you take the Democrats.  We did our small poll the older people favored Hillary and the younger Obama.  It was not who you would vote for but which would you favor poll.  It is curious but I guess Obama equates to change and Clinton is experience.

    After SAM got home it was nap time and then on to Menards to buy supplies to paint the VC17 boat bottom.  VC17 is an ablative copper based paint that discourages Zebra Mussels and other creatures from adhering to the boats bottom while idle at the slip.  In the fall when they high pressure wash the bottom everything comes off and is smooth and ready for next years painting.  Cool!

  • Kayaking

    Posted on March 15th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Since the last time I wrote most of my minds occupation relates to kayaking.  I ordered some Amazon books about kayaking Michigan and one related to a circumnavigation of Lake Superior.  In addition, I have purchased enough low sale price base layer to last us many years.  Friday I was at Barry’s house and since he is an NRS dealer more necessary kayaking accessories were ordered.

    We also kayaked the Fawn River from the fish hatchery to 1100E.  We were in no hurry and had long chats about growing up together and our present ages and situations.  It was a wonderful 3 hours all down stream.  I MUST WARN any kayakers reading this that there are some hazards to negotiate and it is NOT a novice level adventure.  If you go way up stream and then exit at the fish hatchery this is novice level if the water is not too fast.  Right now it has moderated but still is flowing pretty good and the water is quite cold.  It is down about 10″ from when we paddled upstream a couple of weeks ago.

    During the trip downstream we saw lots of Red Wing Black birds, Canadian Geese, Lesser Coots, Sandhill Cranes and other water dependent creatures.  We did not see any deer this time as we were talking too much.  The water was crystal clear.  Thanks Barry.

  • Retirement around the bend?

    Posted on March 11th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    I talked with the boss yesterday and he wanted to know what was happening and I said I would like to work until June.  He said he would notknow the work load until next week.  This means I could-be on half time or even less pretty soon.  It is like a mixed blessing – the spirit says go with the flow and the body says make money.  I guess you cannot change much but I told him I would like to work on the FEMA contract – it only kicks in when there is a disaster.  These are usually a month or two long assignments in wherever and whenever the disaster takes place.  Might be kind of fun as it is the technical nomad kind of thing and of shorter duration.

    I am trying to cut back on the winter supply of fat that I have built up this year.  We have walked less, worked on the boat less, ate more, and just slept more than ever so I am piling on the pounds and I am even straining the 38″ that fit loosely last summer.  Soon as the ice is off the lake it is kayak time and then later sailing.  The rivers are going down so that is an option too.  Maybe I’ll go Friday if there is no work.