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  • Florida Raining & Other stuff

    Posted on March 17th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    It started raining up in Jacksonville Avondale are about 1400 hrs.  We were having lunch with new friends Allen & Candice’ of Tuktu.  I helped Allen deliver her from Green Cove Springs to Ortega Landing Marina this morning on a glorious day that turned into an expected soaking, rainy overcast afternoon.  It was a fun trip of about 4 hours.  Afterwards they treated SAM & I to lunch at  nice sidewalk cafe’.  We have been using our nautical blogs to document these happenings.

    Now back on our boat, I am writing to kill some time.  We have been working hard trying to finish up chores on the boat before end of season layup sometime in mid-April. Abby is snoozing beside me on the starboard setee and looking quite content.  What a happy companion dog we have.

    I have been taking strong Ibuprofen 800mg tabs three times a day for neck pain that I think began as I was cutting off the wooden teak plugs used to cover up the screw holes on Inspiration II eyebrow decorative stripes.  It started three nights ago while sleeping and that ended my sleep in extreme pain.  It seems that each time I do strenuous repetitive  motion with my arms it occurs with alarming regularity.  I do know what to avoid and can mitigate the condition by limiting the time I perform the function and break it up into several sessions.

    The rain that started in Jacksonville about 1400 continues to fall steadily here in Green Cove Springs.  I am guessing the rain started here about 1315 hrs.  The weather is overcast, rainy, 77°F and 1014.8 mb barometric pressure.  The rain was expected and if forecast to last several days.

  • Breakfast at Clubhouse

    Posted on March 8th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    I awakened early and went down to the clubhouse for breakfast.  The only other person was Camper Man and the TV was blaring Fox TV News with this rant and that rant about Pro-Trump and Anti-Clinton stuff.  To me it is all Blah-Blah-Blah but they did side with Senator Sanders run for President.  I think this is because they would side with anyone who could throw pebbles into the Clinton path.  Like Trump they are pretty free with words like Liar, Treason and other words that I heard during the Bill Clintorn run for President so many years ago.  The Republicans are pretty straight forward liars themselves because it takes one to know one.

    Anyway, I just told Camper Man that I was an Engineer and Scientist and all this philosophical junk was so much Blah-Blah to me.  However, that did not stop him from spewing forth his particular brand of words as he went out the door.  I pretty quick shut the TV off to get some piece and quiet.  Good morning to all.

  • Sunday – a beautiful North FL day

    Posted on March 6th, 2016 cwmoore No comments

    I started the day as usual while on the boat.  Down to the clubhouse for an Oatmeal breakfast, a chat with the “Breakfast Club” and back to the boat.  Since this is Sunday, we prepare for church and leave the boat about 10:10.  Church ran a bit late today – 12:30 – at First Assembly.  After church, we came back to the boat to have lunch and a wee nap.

    Later in the day I started to work on the boat and installed a few bits of wood.  Mostly it went pretty well but the wood strip did not fit up as well as I envisioned.  Now I have to figure out how close the gap between the hull and the eyebrow.  We have put it back on unfinished and are trying to decide if to put a finish coat of Cetol on the decorative eyebrow strip.

    The last three weeks have been absolutely marvelous.  Compared to last year we are happy with the weather this year.  As the season is drawing to a close we must say the year has been kind to us.