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  • Up-The-Tree

    Posted on May 22nd, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    OK, so I awoke this AM a bit late-ish and ate the usual dish and wondered what I was going to do today. It did not take too long to decide that I was going to climb the tree just to the East of the house and cut off the high limb that was slapping the tower in the wind. I dressed in the climbing gear, went down to the building and got the tall ladder. After a few mis-tries I installed the ladder so I could climb the tree to the highest I could get with the limbs all in the wrong position. Anyway, I got up to the high limb that was slapping the tower in the wind and started cutting with the bow saw. Soon the limb dropped straight into another limb and lodged there pretty tight. I headed down the tree, cutting off a few dead branches, and finally arrived at the base of the ladder. After moving the ladder to a floating branch I grabbed the lodged branch (about 2.5″ diameter) and gave a tug and scrambled down the ladder just as it hit the ground with a thud. All is good that ends well we say around here.

    It really did not end at this point as SAM came out and we started trimming trees and all sorts of things related to that. The time flew and the next time I looked at the cell phone it was 12:00 noon and I called a halt for lunch. Today lunch was a bit hit-or-miss but I was well fed in the end and decided to take a nap before Karon’s Hair Cut appointment at 1400 hrs. The nap became a sleep and when I awoke it was 1410 and I had a 25 minute drive to Karon’s. Oh oh, so I called her and she told me I was late. Anyway, I did get a haircut and it was a real good one. When I got back home SAM said I looked real good!

  • Friday the 17th

    Posted on May 17th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    I awoke this AM with some energy and guts. First think I did was drill a 1/4″ hole in the wall, inside to outside, and it was in the wrong spot – of course – so I drilled one in the correct spot. Then I got out the 1.75″ hole saw and drilled a bigger hole on the inside and it was OK. Next, I went outside in PJ’s and drilled a 1.75″ hole using the pilot hole and it too was OK. Finally, I inserted a 7″ long 1 1/4″ PVC pipe through the whole and capped both ends so it was captivated without too much movement. (Now I was almost done except for the RTV to seal everything).

    Time for breakfast —- Ok, after breakfast, I drilled a couple of more holes and holesawed them to the 1.75″ OD and inserted PVC plus captivators. Later came the RTV and now I am finished and ready for the LMR400 run from the antenna to the radio inside. With that I can talk to Auburn, Angola, Lagrange and other repeaters. Yea!

    Now, I await dinner and kudos for a job well done. Remember – making an antenna is easy but the new cabling, through wall penetrations and the connectorization is much more difficult. Remember that when you dream of APRS, Echolink and IRLP all of you HAMS out there.

  • Lester

    Posted on May 15th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    Finally, after 40 years I went down to see Lester, my old aviation mentor & EAA motivator, and today became just like yesterday. The afternoon flew by just like the years that have overtaken me. What can you say about the influences upon your life that forever change the way you think? This afternoon, here was Lester again showing me a pristene, perfect Luscombe 8A and a 1936 Coupe that is very close to perfect in pain and chrome detail and the Cessna 140 we worked on together in 1970 still sporting the fabric we worked on night after night until late hours. What can you say except Thanks, Lester. In truth, Lester will probably never see this blogline but it is my diary and record of good things past. At the time I was helping with the C-140 rebuild I was in my mid 20’s with a young son, Marc, and a soon to arrive daughter Beth. Nostalgia reigns just now.

    On the way back, I stopped by Harbor Freight to look at the parts degreaser that I have wanted most of my repair life career only to find that mineral spirits is not allowed with the pump. Only water based solvents can be used. What a let down! Now I have to regroup and try to make one using an old wash tub and a to-be-found pump compatible with mineral spirits. Here we go again – designing a device that is decades old that meets my criteria.

    A very wonderful day. Thanks Lester.

  • Mother’s Day

    Posted on May 12th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    I awoke early today, the 12th day of May, feeling surprisingly rested, and immediately went to Facebook where I wished SAM a “Happy Mothers Day”.  I then ate breakfast and made a 5 cup pot of half-caf.  The temperature up here on the hill read 39°F and the airport temperature was 36°F -burrrr.  Our newly planted tomatoes have a slim chance of survival because tonight’s expected temperature of 30°F is quite low, even when covered, and the plastic tent appears to be bending them over.  However, we shall see Monday morning what our efforts wrought.  Remember – no matter how warm it is the last day of frost is still May 15th and the prudent had better keep that in mind.

    Church consisted of message and communion. The message was not the traditional mothers day venue but consisted of a compiled delivery of biblical scriptures.  There were a few teary eyes and later, after communion, all the mothers were distributed a red rose.  I took picures of SAM and Karen Beck which I will put on Facebook.

  • KANQ Pilot’s Club

    Posted on May 11th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    Thanks to Sam Adams we had our first pilots club outing today on this cold day in May.  The climate was cold but the people had a good time and met people who had not been seen for some time.  Couple that with the hotdogs donated by Dr. Weaver and the Taco Salad donated by SAM plus Sam Adams & wife cooking the dogs, we had good time and a warm interface session.  Hangar flying included Randy Striebig who really was the only fly-in, float planes and all the usual pilot stuff.  Good times!