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  • Boojahideen?

    Posted on February 29th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    The myths and conspiracy theories that fuel the radical right often take on lives of their own while producing a growing record of lethal violence by its cult like believers. It is happening worldwide, fueled by political motives, think of China, India, USA, Germany, Turkey and Russia+. This is the fuel of despots.

    Now, in truth, I think this could be equally applied to the Radical Left but today it is the Right that this article applies. I am too old and stupid to remember the tranquil times before – whatever chemical or radiation induced irrationality occurred – and prefer to remember my youth of carefree indifference and tolerance.

  • Native American Linguistic Map

    Posted on February 29th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    A real native American map?

    I hope it accurately depicts the situation in year ????

  • M4A

    Posted on February 22nd, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Who is John Oliver? To tell you the truth before this hour I did not really know – so I googled it. I another article I read in a Daily KOS, a left leaning news organization, presented M4A statements attributed to John Oliver. I’ll present these paraphrased to clean them up.

    1. Nobody knows what M4A will actually cost.  Anyone saying otherwise is full of malarky.

    2. Most cost estimates come in at or below our nations current public and private sector combined health care spending, and even if it doesn’t end up that way, it’s worth it.

    3. The idea of “choice” is an illusion.  Most people have one choice:  Whatever their employer offers them.

    4. People often have no choice at all in emergencies but to go out-of-network — often even when they’ve gone out of their way to try to stay in network.

    5. Under M4A, every provider is in network.

    6. The “wait time” argument about other nations with nationalized healthcare that is currently a favorite of those opposed to M4A is basically bogus and based on non-emergency or elective procedures.

    7. People wait ridiculous amounts of time *now* because they simply cannot afford the co-pays and deductibles needed to be met to get said procedures.

    8. A system where people have to choose between one life saving medication or another due to cost is inherently unjust.

    9. Yes, people in the health care bureaucracy will need new jobs, but that can be handled and is part of the plans offered by both Sanders and Warren.

    10. The current system is not becoming of a civilized, first world country, while Medicare for all “who want it” is a fall back.

    11. If you’re arguing against M4A, you’re arguing for all of the flaws and unfairness inherent in our current system and you need to own that.

  • RV life in Alabama

    Posted on February 15th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Here we are just a few miles north of Gulf Shores in a campground. This place is quiet, rural and relatively inexpensive if you forget about the 10% sales tax. Most of the conveniences known to modern man are just a few miles away as is the rural type venues like Tractor Supply, saddle & tack shops, pecan farms and Campers World.

    It is a conservative area where neighbors try to outdo one another and the most outstanding example is the Trump posters in about 90% of the front yards. I have yet to see posters from anyone else except for a few Judge Roy Moore banners. People are afraid to advertise anyone else or at least that is what I am told. Judging Washington these days I guess they are correct.

    About 50% of the days are wet and cloud with the rest being sunny and 60’ish. This is of course mid-February. Late January was cold, 30°± at night and mid-40’s in the day. We were getting ready to pack-up and head to Florida but it turned to an acceptable temperature that we enjoy.

    Food here in the restaurants is excellent and most have good ambiance too – about $35 with tip for two people. That is without alcohol which can be pretty pricey – figure $70 with tip with.

    The biggest downside of staying here is the internet or lack thereof: We have about 1 bar of 4G mimo. This is not too bad but there are hundreds of people vying for the 36 channel slots (Band 13) and all want to stream video. I try to get my internet critical items done in the morning before 10AM. After that things really slow to 1990 era speeds.

    Mo(o)re later.