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  • What a Nice Day – Cool, Clear Skies, Moderate Winds & and a early rise

    Posted on April 26th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    The day dawned early for me – got up, padded to the stove & made 3 day supply of Oat Meal, 6 cups of coffee and shuffled to the computer to “what see” then over to the notebook I am updating.  There is a reason I am early:  I forgot to update a computer at church to the new IP configuration and I wanted to check it out.  I have spent a lot of time this week tending to all those things that go awry in four months absence.  Well, it is more than that but I think I have already blogged about those details.

    I was on my way home by 1130 hrs locazkw-tm-d710al and got most of the way home before I remembered that I left the notebook with all my brains inside.  Back to the church I went to retrieve the  little yellow pad.  Ok, it was exactly where I left it but I did have to look for that exact place.  All during and before, I was on IRLP node 8783 making chatter and attending nets for the whole morning.  I like the ham radio thing on the worldwide IRLP link of repeaters and reflectors.  For example, late last night around the bewitching hour Steve and I were talking like he was right here but the fact is that he is in Treasure Island, Florida on his repeater with a tweeny, weeny handheld transceiver talking to me here in the NE Indiana local where I have my IRLP node. It is really cool technology and has an interest to me.

    By 0930 I was on my way to Angola Assembly of God church to finalize all the stuff I forgot yesterday when I was fatigued from long hours of multi-tasking.  I put all the new IP stuff into the sanctuary computer, checked its functionality, updated the virus scanner database ( that had the last update a year ago) and initiated a scheduled update and scan cycle,  made a full scan of the computer (which was clean thanks heaven).  Late yesterday I implemented bandwidth policies for both the Office and Guest groups on 4 levels of service and today I checked these out just to make sure there were no cracks in the policies: AOK. Then went over to see if the deep virus scan of the teenage group sound booth computer found anything and it had not since yesterday when I eliminated 4 major but notorious trojan and xxxxxx virus that were present at the time I cut the system off from everything.  It was time to add it back into the network with a few new policies.  I think I may be unpopular next Sunday when all of the 52 wireless devices try to connect and find there are a whole new set of blocked, censored and limited devices: I am tired of hearing about access issues.  A lot was done in a short period so maybe a few things need to be tweaked.

    I did manage to check into the “Say Good Morning to Radio Net” via the 4049 node.  For some reason, my node has an issue with “Pam” on her node that cuts her off after a few packets.  W9LKI does not seem to have this problem so I check in there on their wide area system.  After the Net the system followed the scripts I wrote and logged back onto reflector 9050 but two of the principal guys said I had an issue so I changed simplex frequencies that has seemed to be more clear: I have a new home frequency.

  • Keystone Pipe Line political BS

    Posted on April 25th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    Just posted to my Facebook:

    Charles W Moore Personally, I do not think most people know what what the Keystone XL is really all about. The Democrats have staked their reputation on it and the Republicans of course oppose anything the D’s are doing. The USA and Canada are in a position to supply the world with energy in to the next two or three centuries and the K-XL is part of the lynch pin to make our balance of trade with China much, much more equal ( China needs energy to the point of war with anyone who restricts it). I am for the USA and our continued existance in a position of power and strength. A vote against the K XL is against the USA. Please do not let a shortsighted political argument obscure the facts above! Thanks for letting me speak freely and this is still a right we possess.

    Energy supplies will rule the world to the point we no longer need to remain on our small blue globe and therefore we need to make well found strategic and political use of our three centuries of supply of Natural Gas and petroleum. K-XL is just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Church Internet – Do NOT Mess with

    Posted on April 25th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    Well, the week started ok with Monday, except, the “Check 4WD” light came on almost as soon as I started the truck for a little run into Angola – I have vowed to run it more often now that the camper is off and safely ensconced in the Building. So, late in the day I drove it down to Steuben Auto & Electric.  They read out the code and only one came up but it was a full page check list with 20 items on it: ok, so I made an appointment for this coming Monday for them to look at it.  They have a lot of expensive electronic test equipment.

    As Tuesday came around I made a trip into the church and they said they had a little problem with the internet: so, I checked it with Speedtest.net and sure enough it was 0.13Mbps which is really bad.  I told the Pastor to call Frontier and get a tech out to check out what is wrong.  The tech came out on Wednesday and sait it was our wiring and left. This was not what I wanted to hear so I promoted the idea of going to Mediacom since we could get 20Mbps plus two telephone lines for the same or a little less than what we were paying Frontier.  After consultation with the pastor, I called Frontier Tech and told him I wanted to know what made him think it was our brand new wiring into the modem that was causing the problem.  We had a nice chat that resulted in me telling him we were moving to Mediacom and why.  To his credit, he said – Hold The Phone – would I wait and hour or two for Sales to get back to us and I said Yes.  When Sales called she said she could do some price and speed matching so we started listening.  Bottom Line – we will be receving higher speed for less money than we were paying before and cheaper than Mediacom’s best price.  We had a Win – Win going here.

    Wednesday late a new tech arrives and opens the Demarc to find a broken wire in our brand new cable on our side of the fence.  Ok, so we quickly pull a new cable into the IT Room and connect up the new modem that we have to have for better service.  He does his Techy Thing and says the the internet works to the Cisco Router.  He leaves but I find we have no internet in the whole building except for the Wireless.  I knew it was a Static IP Addressing issue but was really too tired to get into it today and went home.

    Thursday arrived and I went into the church and started to fix things but ran out of time and we had a “Pastors Appreciation Dinner” at Lake James Christian Assembly scheduled for 1800 hrs and it was now 1715 hrs and time to go – NOW!  I raced home grabbed SAM and threw on the suit and tie and off to PAD @ LJCA.  It was a nice get together with the area Pastors that the Gideons put on once a year.

    I did not sleep too well and Friday AM arrived too quickly but I was up and at them and ready to go to the church.  I arrived and I changed the IP for the IT Room from static to DHCP and the Internet worked on that machine.  Now I had to figure out what I could do about migrating the static IP’s of all the wired devices.  I called Frontier to find out some minor Modem Information for accessing the device.  To my everlasting surprise, I described our set up and the tech said “why do you have it like that?”  I told him and he said with the new box I no longer needed the Cisco Router since the new box had all that built in.  Bottom line – we pulled the router and the wireless still worked except the Family Life Center.  Bingo – he stayed on the line for two hours while we worked through all the Main Sanctuary machines and I thought I could handle it from there so I told him to call back in two hour.  He did this and by that time almost all the system was running so I grabbed lunch at the Chinese and finished up by about 1500 hrs – a tired but happy dude.  When I arrived home I went Whoops – I forgot one computer in the Sancuary so I will be going back tomorrow to fix that little glitch.  A day well spent I say.

  • Easter Weekend and Monday, Monday & Tuesday

    Posted on April 21st, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    Monday –I’ll start by saying that I spent all last evening with Audacity, Youtube and massaging various renditions of Hallelujah  I have the start of a collection of good ones but I like Leonard Cohen one the best.  I did tweek his by speeding it up 4% and to me it sounds better.  It is like a dirge otherwise.

    A & V came up from Ohio since Tony A’s funeral conflicted with the PL crowd going to his house.  They had a great time running around Satek Winery, Allen, MI Antiques and the Buffalo Farm.  SAM went with and I stayed home to work on off loading the camper and moving a lot of stuff around so it would all fit in the building: it fit! Camper, JKM car, car dolly plus all the normal items all fit and with room to spare. PTL.   Saturday evening was topped off by a meal at the Great Wall Buffet: An Angola upper scale Chinese that has a lot of seafood and Sushi plus a so-so Mongolian Grill.  Sunday was a meal with the brothers and sisters of HJM/KLM clan.  I think we enjoyed A&V’s spiral cut ham from Aldi’s best.

    Today I spent a lot of time just putz’ing around but in the afternoon A&L came over and we moved a rank of wood from our driveway to their wood rack out by the patio pad in the back yard.  Afterward I putz’d again but managed to remove the three blades from the lawn tractor and check out replacements (ouch – $14 x 3 ).  I also spent most of the day, intermittently, updating the Toshiba Protege M400’s and posting them on Craigslist for $45.  This is a bargain if I do say so myself.

    Now, as the evening wanes, I am listening to ham radio IRLP conversations from all over the USA and ignoring the dull aches of an abused, arthritic body.

    Tuesday — With Chondroitin and Ibuprofen I felt great today– Tuesday.  Bought new lawnmower  blades, Yikes, $ 50,  for a couple of pieces of steel.  Then greased the joints, organized a lot of stuff. cleaned out the cockpit of ocean kayak in prep of offering for sale, put tailgate of trunk back on , washed truck with SAM, and now cruising the net while listening to IRLP radio world.  A great day indeed, one of cooling temperatures (in to the upper 20’s t0night) and clear skies of NE Indiana and home of everything good and wholesome.



    Moore later.

  • Deja Vu

    Posted on April 17th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    Here we are back in Indiana.  Since the last post we have done a lot of exciting things: (1) We drove over to Green Cove Springs, FL for the first time to look at a Whitby 42, (2) the sunset dinner with a HAM radio friend, W3RX, was a real treat, (3)  visiting Steve in Marathon and Roger in Miami was quite interesting, (4) re-visiting a Irwin 43 we were shown in Green Cove Springs, visiting grandson Mitch in GA and (6) making an offer on Con El Viento.  I will write a paragraph on each subject but this will take some time since there are pictures to be added and the new WordPress 3.9 is supposed to handle drag and drop so I first need to get the pictures on this machine. Our winter past time in FL has been to look at boats, more specifically boats that you can live aboard and do a little cruising in FL, Bahamas and The Keys, so our search has been Pearson 424, Whitby 42 and more recently Irwin 43. A Whitby 42 took us to Green Cove Springs which is about 3 hours NE of St. Petersburg.  The Whitby did not suit SAM’s fancy so the broker showed us an Irwin 43.  SAM immediately liked the airy interior and I like the enclosed cockpit.  The Irwin was quite a departure from my ideal boat so I had to think real hard about what we would really be doing with a boat.  Our boat must be a live aboard that has sufficient fuel and water to stay on the hook for at least a week or two severed from dry land, have airconditioning for the impossible nights, a genset to power the aircon and be a solid coastal cruiser with occasional open water passages in fair weather but stron enough to handle the occasional blow on open waters.  In the end, I reluctantly had to agree that a blue water cruiser would not be our next boat and that an Irwin 43 would probably be a better boat for our use.  It is all a matter of compromises.  So, I came to the conclusion that we would need to see Con El Viento again in a few weeks if she was not purchased by some other lucky person.  Here is a link to Irwin 43 specifications .  And here is a picture of the type.

    Over the ham radio via IRLP I met a node owner in the are in which we stay in St. Petersburg.  After a few weeks we were invited to his place on the beach for a light dinner and a walk on the Treasure Island Beach.  We had a good time with Steve and his girl friend.  His repeater is kept in top-notch condition and the same applies to the IRLP node.  The visit ended too soon and we counts this as one of our highlights for the trip.  Any ham can look up W3RX and even see his beach cam.  On a similar note, we met Fred & Karen Beck down on Longboat Key while they were down.  We saw several sights and toured some real expensive homes (the home hostess was quite gregarious, entertaining and a genuine nice person.  Quite an eye opener all-in-all and arrived tired but happy.

    Marathon, FL (Vaca Key) was a winter destination.  We took the whole rig down there and stayed in Steve B’s front yard.  The car and bikes came in quite handy and we rode them on 7 mile bridge several times plus used the car to get around.  Last year we really missed having the car there.  It is interesting that our camper just fits between two of Steve’s palm trees perfectly.  W041214 Mitch 026e are connected to power so we had all the facilities to stay a long time.  However, by tradition we stay only a week so we get invited back but I think SB would tollerate us for a bit longer. We were introduced to a wonderful fresh fish shop.  We returned several times and bought shrimp, tuna and other.  Prices were very good.  It is a definite must return place.  We toured the marinas in preparation to the days when we will take our boat down there for a couple of months in the coldest parts of the winter.  We like the mooring in the city marina for about $350/month so here is the webcam of the moorings.

    After leaving Steve B’s Atlantic ocean front beauty we proceeded up to Miami to Larry & Penny Tompson RV Park near the Miami Zoo on SW 184th to meet up with Roger S, who like Steve B was an old D&L workmate, fo his daughter’s 1 year birthday party  – Latino Style. There were about 100+ people at the party, some from Roger’s side and most from Cecilia’s side: Pinata, lots of presents and great food. The wind04052014 Bridge 009 was up and it was hard to contain the table coverings and decorations.  Coincidentally, the party was the same park where we were staying so we rode the bicycles over early to help with the setup.  After the party (for us at least) we rode back to the campground and had a good rest.  WE STARTED TO PACK for the trip North to  St. Pete. Life is always good in South Miami.

    The trip north was interesting.  After reaching Fort Lauderdale, Florida and onto I75 West than we needed to stop for fuel. This proved to be a big deal since they had blocked off major areas of the filling station. Wow – we sweated for a half hour inching forward at an opportunity and finally everything opened up so I made a tight turn and two then just sort of took off with SAM running behind and finally jumped on the running board and we were off again on the cross Florida I75. Whew – this was the closest call we have had to getting stuck with our rig in a very small station area.

    The rest of the trip to St. Petersburg was long but uneventful and we arrived back at M’s house, dropped the car then the dolly and moved everything into place at the home QTH of the winter.  This leads us into the final phase of the winter event and this is a BIG DEAL.

    As we made preparations for the trip back home to NE Indiana we were conversing with the broker for the Irving 43 and we set up a schedule to stop by Green Cove Springs again.  This time the owner were on board of Con El Viento and wanted to meet with them.  An uneventful trip to GCS brought us to the marina camground so we hooked up, set up the site and headed out to eat a southern style bbq.  Afterwards – quite stuffed – we hit the hay and had a pretty good sleep.  At 0700 we were awakened to a general hubub of activity and sure enough the workers for the building of the steel big boat started. I was sort of in dreamland so managed to remain horizontal until 0800 hrs.  I got up and heated some previously made oatmeal then added walnuts, cranberries and raisins all topped off with Fall Season honey ( the honey has a distinctive rural flavor that is hard to describe but has a pungent, eucalyptus aroma).

    By then SAM was awakened and we started the day with promises of visiting our future boat.  I can only say we had a great day of bike riding to pier 11 and lunch at Brickyard Cafe and this was memorab041214 Mitch 028le in a positive sense.  The Brisket was wonderful as was the chicken and pork.  It was well worth the $ in a downtown quaint atmosphere of sidewalk cafe style.  We were so stoked with everything as to be overwhelmed and not ready to be treated as Kings and Queens by the owner of our future boat.

    We finally met up with then about 1830 hrs – they were at a dock party as we rode by on our bicycles – and they introduced us to all their Canadian friends just back fro a winter in Bahamas.  From there it just degraded into an affair with our future boat.  By the time the evening all our doubts were gone and serenity reigned as we made our way back to the camp site.  We were stoked and that is an understatement.  The Host and Hostess were quite gracious, intelligent and informed.

    With the coming of dawn and the work activity we started to get ready to pack out on our trip North.  We were on the road on schedule about 0900 under clear, warm and dry skies.  The trip North to Florence Marina State Park was pretty much uneventful.  These were beautiful stretches of road in rural Florida and Georgia and for the most part were quite good roads.  We arrived at the park on schedule in the afternoon and quite whipped.  We set up camp and after a few FUBAR’s were ready for a wee nap.

    041214 Mitch 023

    We had a great visit and hike with Mitch and SAM made a good meal for all of us.  We separated happy for the events and plans for Sunday treks.  For us it was a Home Run of 16 hours with bad traffic stops and rough I65 roads via Nashville.  For Mitch it was church, study and sometime with friends. (continuing)

    041214 Mitch 058041214 Mitch 071041214 Mitch 037041214 Mitch 063