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  • Acadia NP 2018 Day 1 – 3

    Posted on August 31st, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    28 August: Timberland Acres RV Park is a nice park with good entry and exit plus huge pull through – certainly, the best of the trip so far.  We signed up to stay at site 202 leaving on the 4th to head back to Indiana.  That first afternoon we went to Walmart and Home Depot to buy food and some portable water softener parts.

    29 August: Today we reconnoitered Acadia NP with  quick drive through to get the feel of the park, went to the Visitor Center to get the pass, washed the car and bought some more parts at Home Depot. It rained a lot this day and hard at times in the evening,  While in the park,  we drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain so we could see some of the views and they were spectacular. By the time we arrived back at the RV, I was tired of driving.  SAM took Abby for a longer walk while I sat outside and talked with Bill in the neighboring RV.

    30 August: Sharon drove through the light rain to Bar Harbor so we could eat some of the best fries anywhere. my goat cheese burger tasted good too.  After we ate lunch we walked down to the harbor, took some photos and then went up to Village Green to catch the #3 bus out to Thunder Hole but it was not thundering so we just rode the bus around the whole route.The bus driver was friendly and answered many of our questions.  Looking out of the bus, I must say I was not too impressed with this loop.

    Tomorrow, the 31st, we were planning another bus tour but we may drive as it is more flexible on our site planning.

  • Acadia National Park Trip 2018

    Posted on August 31st, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    The evening of 20 August we went to the Gideons picnic in Angola.  Rain was coming down freely and we had it in a members garage.  It was quite nice.  We went home and did the final packing and organizing for a Tuesday 21 August departure for Maine.  We departed more or less on time about 0930 after loading the Civic and closing the hangar door.

    We drove up to I80/I90 and headed eastward towards our destination..  Our normal RV schedule is to get on the road by 1000 hrs and drive until 1500± so we were happy to see the first stop near Erie, PA click downward.  We had not made reservations so we picked out a RV Park and stayed the night of 21 August.

    We left the next morning and proceeded on I90 east towards Verona, NY for our evening stop at Turning Stone RV Park.  After arrival in the early afternoon we drove to the Casino Complex to look around and to get a drink and a bite to eat.  Sharon looked good under the purple light so I took a picture of her with a color cast.  It looked good.  The food was OK but I left my bottle full of Lactose/Beano pills so that was a bit of a downer.  The next morning we left to travel towards York Beach and the trip was uneventful but I did discover something new.  Much to my surprise, the diesel tank fuel pipe will accommodate those big truck stop nozzles.  This opens up a whole new way for us to fuel at the truck islands.

    We made our first landfall in Maine and proceeded to the York Beach RV Park on 23 August.  We were surprised to arrive at a  small,twisty gravel road in the middle of York Beach Village.  We saw some people walking so we asked if this was really the RV Park – they said yes so we turned the corner into the park, made contact with the owner lady Linda and unloaded the Civic from the tow dolly. Backing into site 15 was a treat as the spot is narrow and soft.  We left deep ruts in the grass an approach of site 14,  After that we setup for our stay and started exploring.

    We ended up staying 5 days and needed every bit of it.  We went to the York Beach light house, Long Beach to the south of York, Kennebunkport and some small road touring SAM wanted to see.  I could say our highlight was to see the President George Bush Compound from Walkers point.  I think we had a good time and enjoyed the area in spite of the congestion.  We departed on for the 3 hour trip to Trenton, MR on 28 August about 1000.  The trip up was uneventful on I95/I295 and we stopped to fuel up once at a Circle K before arriving at Timberland Acres RV Park.