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  • Week 39 Weekend

    Posted on September 28th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Saturday was the Chile cook-off for the TH Yacht Club.  SAM made a white Chile chowder with a lot of Cumin.  It had a real nice after taste, was not too spicy and was mild.  We did not win but I thought ours was the best.  After dinner we went to the laundry to wash the sleeping bags and pillow cases of the boat and then SAM crashed. I went to the boathouse for a shower and did some quick Internet searches and wen to bed too.  The whole day was beautiful and perfect temperatures.

    Sunday came upon us with gloomy skies, cool temperatures and a moderate north wind in the harbor.  I went out with a sailing friend in his boat and SAM went to Saugatuck with a friend.  Seas we 1-3′ and about 10 MPH – the Seaward 23 was in seventh heaven and plodded along at 4 Kt or above pointing high into the wind.  We sailed for about 2 -3 hours and then came back to meet up with the rest of the troupe.

    Tonight we cleaned out the freezer and had the last of the sausage with fried potatoes covered with cheese.  Just what my cardiologist loves to see.  The dishes are now done and being allowed to drip dry.  I will now depart to dry them and put them away.  Have a good night.

  • Past few weeks update

    Posted on September 24th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    The past few weeks from the last post have been spent mostly on the boat.  The several day exception is when Ike came rolling thorough and almost directly overhead.  On sailor said he could see the remnants of the “eye”.  I trust his judgement as he has 60K sea miles and has survived a couple of open sea hurricanes.  On my return the boat was dry inside and this made me happy.

    I spent a couple of weeks making and installing a total of about 100 teak plugs for the cabin top deck.  I can do 15 per day if I hurry but average 10 per day.  The process involves popping out the old plug  has been sanded to about 1/32″ thick, countersinking the existing Flathead screw hole to a 1/8″ depth and installing a 1/8″ shorter stainless steel screw and gluing in a 1/2″ long plug.  Later when the glue is dry, I use a fine and flexible back saw made by Stanley to cut the plug almost flush with the deck.  If needed I sand it shorter.  All this can be done production line style if rain is not in the immediate future.

    Fred B spent last Th, Fri, Sat & Sun on the boat and we had a good time.  We were supposed to go on a 4 day cruise but at the last minute a potential buyer showed up on Saturday and we had to cancel the trip as it would take too long.  The days on the boat seem to pass quickly and I am enjoying the freedom of retirement.  I may get bored this winter though but there is winter boat work to do too.

  • A day on the Lake

    Posted on September 7th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    We departed about 11:00 for a stint on LM near Saugatuck.  The winds were westerly about 12 to 17 knots.  We first went north towards Holland and then successfully tacked and headed south past Mt. Baldy.  After a couple of hours SAM started feeling sick so I gybed and headed for the harbor entrance.  Opps, not in time and the fishes received some more food.

     We were docked and fixing a late lunch about 1500 hrs.  Then SAM took a long nap and myself a shorter one.  We then made the ship shipshape.  By then it was time for dinner and then we showered and I am writing this.

    Thus go the days – the sailing season is almost over we have about 4 weekends then it is time to take the boat out for the winter.