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  • Response fm Senator (IN) Richard Lugar

    Posted on December 30th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

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    My original question/concern related to the “per service” fee ISP’s are now considering.  The pay per service fee is a fee based on what service you may be using – like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc – and would in my opinion put us right back to where we started at the beginning of the Internet Revolution.  Essentially, the question would be “do you have sufficient interest in using a service” to pay that much per session or minute that the ISP’s would charge?  Thinking such as this was done away with in the early 90’s and look at the new revolution and business it generated.  Whole new industries were generated and whole new fortunes and stocks were made.  Well, I guess Senator Lugar, whom I really like, gave a pretty generic answer so I guess I will have to trust his greater judgement; however, I will be watching the scene develop.

    Response fm Senator (IN) Richard Lugar is as follows:


    Dear Mr. Moore:

    Thank you for contacting me and for sharing an article regarding possible future pricing by Internet service providers.  I appreciate this opportunity to respond.

    Much has changed in the years since Congress passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  As new technologies have emerged – wireless, broadband, Internet-based voice services – each has put strains on the web of regulations that originated more than a decade ago under this Act.

    Senators from both parties agree that congressional action is needed in the upcoming 112th Congress to make revisions to the nation’s telecommunications laws.  A number of ideas are currently circulating, and as this issue is debated, I will have your thoughts in mind.

    Thank you, again, for contacting me.


    Richard G. Lugar
    United States Senator


    Do you receive The Lugar Letter? Send an email to newsletter@lugar.senate.gov to stay current with Senator Lugar’s activities.


  • Posted on December 26th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Qoutation from Ponkapog Papers : A man cannot keep a daily record of his comings and goings and the little items that make up the sum of his life, and not inadvertently betray himself at every turn.

    The day after Christmas is mostly over for us. Martha left with Andy & family, Jess left for the big city and we carried all the food that we generated back home in a paper bag ready for future meals. DJ & Garret could not come due to broken vehicle.

    I am actually too tired to write anymore.

  • Christmas Eve & Day

    Posted on December 25th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    JKM, SAM & myself went to sister Ann’s house last night for dinner and later to the United Methodist candle light service in PL.  Sister received a Kindle from her children and I was jealous.  We set her up so she could order books and installed a few free ones.  JKM and I watched part of Star Wars #1 at sister’s house but had to go see friends so I quit watcheing for other pursuits.

    Today, Christmas Day, we awoke slowly at about 0930, had some coffee and by then JKM was awake and SAM’s twin arrived with our present – a 4′ step ladder – that we had been admiring since Thanksgiving.  JKM was committed to go see cousin Miranda in Fort Wayne so we all decided to open presents tonight.

    We are expecting to receive brother Andy pretty soon and he is bringing all the kids and mother-in-law Martha.  They will stay the night and leave after dinner tomorrow for home.  I expect we will have some rousing conversations tonigh and the family fellowship is welcomed.  We only have so many years left that we can enjoy each other.

    I am still hoping for a kindle from the richer family members and it would be the best thing that I could receive.  I await the opening of packages tonight.

  • More weapons

    Posted on December 22nd, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I guess I am just running across videos about weapons and here is another cool event for the person who likes guns.

  • Cool: C-17 Vechicle / Personnel drop

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  • Barry Hollopeter

    Posted on December 16th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I came across this YouTube video quite by accident.  My understanding, from a third party – a kayaker, i that it was made about 10 years ago.  It is gripping, telling and quite eloquent tale of Barry’s Marine Corps tour in Vietnam in 1967?68 time frame.  I have know Barry all my life and did not know some of this.  Very good video.  Thanks Barry.


  • Winter boredom

    Posted on December 15th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Wow – It has only been a couple of days since winter really hit here in NE Indiana and I am bored already.  I have tweeked websites, added video to the church website, went shopping for Christmas present and now am writing this blog.  Now what do I do?

  • Wordsmithing

    Posted on December 13th, 2010 cwmoore No comments
    The New Yorker, 25 July, 1994, Page 82
    [singlepic id=271 w=240 h=320 float=right]It had been a rough day, so when I walked into the party I was very chalant, despite my efforts to appear gruntled and consolate.  I was furling my wieldy umbrella for the coat check when I saw her standing alone in a corner.  She was a descript person, a woman in a state of total array.  Her hair was kempt, her clothing shevelled, and she moved in a gainly way.  I wanted desperately to meet her, but I knew I’d have to make bones about it, since I was traveling cognito.  Beknownst to me, the hostess, whom I could see both hide and hair of, was very proper, so it would be skin off my nose if anything bad happened.  And even though I had only swerving loyalty to her, my manners couldn’t be peccable.  Only toward and heard-of behavior would do.  Fortunately, the embarrassment that my maculate appearance might cause was evitable.  There were two ways about it, but the chances that someone as flappable as I would be ept enough to become persona grata or sung hero were slim.  I was, after all, something to sneeze at, someone you could easily hold a candle to, someone who usually aroused bridled passion.  So I decided not to rush it. But then, all at once, for some apparent reason, she looked in my direction and smiled in a way that I could make heads or tails of.  So, after a terminable delay, I acted with mitigated gall and made my way through the ruly crowd with strong givings.  Nevertheless, since this was all new hat to me and I had no time to prepare a promptu speech, I was petuous.  She responded well, and I was mayed that she considered me a savory character who was up to some good.  She told me who she was.  “What a perfect nomer,” I said, advertently.  The conversation became more and more choate, and we spoke at length to much avail.  But I was defatigable, so I had to leave at a godly hour.  I asked if she wanted to come with me.  To my delight, she was committal.  We left the party together and have been together ever since.  I have given her my love, and she has requited it.
  • Walmart & Plowing the drive

    Posted on December 13th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I just got in from plowing the drive with the snow blower.  The strong NW wind lets me just throw the snow to the East.  There was a lot of ice below the top snow coat so it will take some time for the process of sublimation to occur.  The sun is bright and the temperature is 19ºF.  It was good to be out but I started sweating about half way through the 4000 ft² drive as I was lifting the snowblower handle constantly to try and scrape the ice off.

    I need to get to the store(s) to get a few Christmas presents.  The list is pretty short this year and we have been tightening the belt a bit with the reduced retirement income.  I like retirement but I also like to buy also.  In this community there are two jobs – Walmart and Trine University.  The rich people work at Trine and the rest of the people work at Walmart.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Walmart (and Meijers and Menards) because they are my main source of entertainment other than church and Internet.  I also know if I ever need a real job, I can always go to Walmart so I never say anything bad about them.  I better go eat the lunch so I can go buy some gas at Walmart, my one stop shop.

  • Weather & China: all is not bliss

    Posted on December 11th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    I read an article, supplied by Tom Eyster a grad student, that states the college graduates in China are facing a struggle just as their fellows are in the USA.  The article is a good one I thought and is worth posting in my blog.  Check it out – this should give pause to all those who believe in open borders.  Imagine what would happen if all those highly [singlepic id=269 w=160 h=120 float=right]educated engineers, scientists and teachers descended upon us en mass.  The employers of the world would love it but the worker bees of USA and Europe would be starving – good bye good life.  There are just too many people on this planet and Darwinian evolution is in play.

    I thought about Facebook but no one really cares as they are more interested in Farmville and chit-chat.  This is OK too and I use FB a lot.  After the mornings email I hit FB right  after the weather.  Speaking of weather, we are supposed to get slammed tonight.  Here is what it looks like right now:[singlepic id=270 w=600 h=110 float=center]