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  • Thanksgiving Day Plans

    Posted on November 22nd, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    Here we are, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving Day.  We expect several family members to attend our Thanksgiving Day dinner that we host every year.  My sisters and brothers said they would be here and daughters Beth and Jessica will be here plus some of the grandchildren.  Tomorrow I have to start cleaning the garage to give us some over flow areas in which to congregate.  We expect to have lots of fun and catching up to do.

    This will be our first official announcement that we have sold the boat and are looking for a replacement that has a lot less teak to take care of and is a bit bigger.  The plan is to have the boat in Florida and to use as a live-a-board condo and a movable platform on which to have fun exploring Florida and the Caribbean areas.  The main criteria are for it to have two heads and staterooms, to be seaworthy, have lots of water storage, plenty of at anchor power options (like genset, solar and wind) so we can stay at anchor for weeks at a time.  Some we have looked at have water makers and that would be a worthy item to have as well.  Right now the Pearson 424 and 422 look good but the Morgan 44 is also a good candidate as well.   Most of these boats were built in the 1980’s so age is a factor but price is the dominate factor.

    I have resumed my study of Technician and General Class of ham radio licensce and expect to take the tests before mid-December.  I only need the Technician level but while I am there will take the General exam as well.  Ont the practice tests I am in the high 80’s or 90’s for the Technician and mid-70’s for the General exams.  The General licensce test has been made much harder than it was a couple of years ago.  I want to have a HF Ham Radio on board the boat so I can send / receive Faxes as well as communicate via text to get valuable weather and to be able to patch into phone lines in the USA.  We will probably not have a smart phone when we go offshore so I need to be able to get the same type of info via the Ham radio.

    I have closed the blog of our sailing adventures with Inspiration.  Facebook and this blog will survive and I hope to update the blog much more often.  Thanks for reading.  Have great holidays.  Moore later………