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  • The USA Eagle Today

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  • Disappointments

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         Disappointment can be a bitter experience. Certainly, there are various levels of the disappointments that affect us. I am not referring to the disappointment that we can overcome in a few hours or a few days.

         There are disappointments that go very deep, such as the betrayal of a friend… or a wife or husband… these are disappointments that pierce to the very depth of our being.

         Some people are affected less than others by these events in life. Those who are deeply disturbed by such losses, find it difficult to recover and regain stability mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

         I have met people who were disappointed in God. They believed He had failed them. I have met people who were disappointed because a friend failed them. And I have dealt with people who felt like their life was over because of marital betrayal.

         Disappointment leads to discouragement. Discouragement can lead to despondency. Despondency can lead to despair!

         Betrayal could be heartbreaking. It does not have to be outright betrayal. It can be having someone, in whom you’ve placed confidence, let you down or fail you by whatever means.

         This is not to enable you to wrap yourself in a “pity blanket” and make everything about yourself. But when deep disappointment hits, it can be like being stabbed with a fiery hot blade with jagged edges. It seems the pain from it will never dissipate.

         You must not let disappointment drag you down into darkness. In the midst of the storm, there is a “peace from God, which surpasses all understanding, that will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:7). Give it to the Lord so that he can replace your disappointment and the bitter fruit it bears with His restful peace.

         You cannot allow your disappointment to be greater than your God. He will accept all of the cares that you cast upon Him because He deeply cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7) Even if great disappointment has brought a darkness over you, Jesus is the light that casts out that darkness. 

    Pastor Bill – Fleming Island Assembly of God. 6865 Pine Avenue Fleming Island, Florida 32003 (904) 284-3030

  • Death by a thousand cuts

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    Death by a thousand cuts (psychology), the way a major negative change which happens slowly in many unnoticed increments is not perceived as objectionable.

    As I read my emails, Twitter, Facebook, major Newsfeeds and to a lesser extent Instagram I am reminded of Death by a thousand cuts. This is not a political, religious or racial diatribe. Rather it reflects my view of the world today. People are becoming inhumane. Perhaps it is the “rats in a closed cage with unbounded reproduction” philosophy experiment of the 50’s” or even perhaps before.

    Whatever the reason, we are in a state of negativity and so I search for a reason of our decline as humans of sensitivity for our compatriots, citizens and fellow Homo Sapiens. Perhaps we are unable to process the multi-media beyond limited a small and secure tribe of fellows.

  • The Unimaginable Reality of American Concentration Camps

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    This is the link to the New Yorker article with the title above: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwChSFHTpvHqwWKDnnsCxpJnCZC

    Like many arguments, the fight over the term “concentration camp” is mostly an argument about something entirely different. It is not about terminology. Almost refreshingly, it is not an argument about facts. This argument is about imagination, and it may be a deeper, more important conversation than it seems.

    On Tuesday, she [ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ] tweeted a link to an article in Esquire in which Andrea Pitzer, a historian of concentration camps, was quoted making the same assertion: that the United States has created a “concentration camp system.”

    Personally, I think it is a good thing that we have such diversity of opinions and that we are still able to exercise the right of expression here in these United States of America. I do not think it would take too much to tip the balance the other way and there are most certainly right and left elements that would like to see this happen.

  • ¡Superman!

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  • What to I believe?

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    From my personal point of view my first belief is in Jesus Christ and the Trinity; second, our form, USA of government as a Republic, Democracy and our Constitution. Third, Compromise is a balsam which allows everyone to win and all to grouse about saying they were right.

    SANDERS: Perhaps the bulk of the speech was pitched as a rejoinder to criticisms from the right. “Let me be clear. I do understand that I and other progressives will face massive attacks from those who attempt to use the word ‘socialism’ as a slur,” he said. “But I should also tell you that I have faced and overcome these attacks for decades—and I am not the only one.” He went on to list a selection of those attacks, including Al Smith’s claim, in 1936, that the Democratic Party’s platform had come to resemble the Socialist Party’s platform, as a slur against Roosevelt and the New Deal. This was, remarkably, Sanders’s only reference to the American socialist movement. “Socialism” certainly was deployed as a slur by Smith, but Sanders said nothing to suggest that there might have been something good or admirable about the Socialist Party’s platform. There was praise for the programs of Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson. Eugene V. Debs, a man Sanders once wrote an audio documentary about, was not mentioned once.