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  • Where did the summer go?

    Posted on September 23rd, 2021 cwmoore No comments

    I feel really chagrin. My last post was 25 June and now it is 23 September.

    Well, I spent the summer getting up a tad earlier, eating breakfast and then going out to ride a 5 mile circuit on my 18 speed. After I built myself up, I was consistently riding 10-13mph average for the circuit.

    I did this right up to 6 September when I made a mistake. Near the end of the riding circuit there is a roundabout that I usually take CCW. For some reason I decided to take it CW. Well, the front end tire started to slide out from under me. In an effort to recover, I departed the roundabout right into sapling filled woods. The bike flipped out from under me in an instant and I jammed my shoulder really bad.

    Now, weeks later I am just starting to get better. I have not restarted riding again but expect to next week. Well, I was doing other things too but riding took up half the day so the rest of the day just passed doing this and that.

    We did take the RV to the UP of Michigan to visit my cousin on a famous river. That was fun and took about 10 days total. We experimented with Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts. I think we liked BW more than HH but we will see on our next trip. So, if you add up all the RV organizations we belong to it is a bunch:

    Escapees FMCA Passport America Moose Elks BW HH

    Winnebago Travel Service Dish TV A discount fuel card

    And the list goes on.