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  • My Birthday 5 Feb 19??

    Posted on February 5th, 2013 cwmoore No comments

    Ok, so today is my birthday and I am pretty old in years – not ancient but old.  We went out to Sawgrass Park and walked a couple of miles – it was nice and we saw an Armadillo, A few Alligators and the usual ducks and fish.  Yesterday, we rode our old style cruiser bikes down Pinellas Trail for 5 miles and of course that meant riding 5 miles back.  This was accomplished with little fanfare.  We worked at Tampa Bay Watch the first week and had a good time doing this.  We intend to work some more but later in Feb.

    We have been in St. Petersburg, FL now for about a month.  The weather has been mostly good with clear skies and moderate to warm temperatures.  So far we have caught 6 squirrels, who are intent on robbing the Macadameon Nut tree of its mother lode, and deposited them more than 10 miles away – Martha says if they are that far they will never make their way  back to the property.  We have done some work on Martha’s place like cleaning the eves trough, trimming the  beaugavilla and the pool work.   The weather has been very dry and all the bird baths are dry as a bone.  Sundays are our days of rest and replenishment and we attend the SunCoast Cathedral on 62nd Ave where we enjoy the services.

    The trip down in our Truck Camper was non-eventful and we pulled our Honda Civic on a car dolly.  The car pulls real easy but you cannot back up with it attached so this leads to some exciting one way trips while getting gasoline and other necessities like camping places.  We stopped twice on the way down – once in Southern Tenn and once in North Florida and enjoyed the restful, leisurely trip down.

    I found a good deal on a new ham VHF radio and bought an antenna at a local hamvention.  I have been having a good time contribuiting on Eagle Net and other nets using the new radio and my older HT dual bander.  I am also utilizing Echolink to talk with people up North.  SAM & I are going to the Orland Hamsphere this Friday and will stay just the day, unless we find something real interesting to do over there.