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  • New Facemask Saves Lives

    Posted on March 26th, 2020 cwmoore No comments
    The President is always lurking in every background shot.
  • Covid-19 Factoids: 3.19.20

    Posted on March 19th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Here is a link that shows graphs by day of various countries covid-19 spread: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-51235105?fbclid=IwAR3XrwRvkDlKNqfdJsC1neI2BledoL9NsAKRcnQJLxHMt6NN1YJgV4i1tEs

    The link above may go dead a few days or weeks when it no longer has significance. Below is a link to Indiana Travel Advisory map:


    3/19/2020 Presidental Covid-19 speach

  • The Pandemic

    Posted on March 15th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    So far the Covid-19 pandemic reality has not hit home yet. We are in Alabama near Fairhope, Robertsdale, Foley triangle. However, we noticed yesterday that Walmart and other big box stores are out of toilet paper, oatmeal, ammonia and lots of other consumables. We ended up at a Dollar General close to us and the manager said they were out of all the items mentioned and a lot more. We did buy some canned tuna, laundry soap, hand soap plus some canned chicken. The manager said the next truck load is supposed to be in Tuesday.

    Our trip to Florida from Alabama was a casualty of the pandemic. All the venues we were going to participate in were canceled. The ones that were not canceled were groups of under 500 but that was a just technicality and we think are a bit risky (such as church and large group events). So we are going straight home from here in mid-April. Our Canada Maritime’s trip this summer may suffer as well.C

    I have had the “flu” diagnosed twice in the last 5 years. Both times I picked it up from close coupled group environments like a marina and a RV park of seniors meeting in community events. This last time was in early 2020. The onset was very rapid – it started with a cough, then lethargic feeling and finally constant coughing with a suffocating feeling. Finally after 5 or 6 days I made an appointment with a nurse practitioner. She gave me a shot of Cortisone and an Z-pac of antibiotic. (BTW- I have had Pneumonia 13 and 23 shots but no flu shot this season). Still it took 6 more weeks to be feeling good and not coughing (after 4 weeks). This is no laughing matter for seniors (I am 70+) and I am healthy in most matters and exersize almost daily.

  • Coronavirus politics

    Posted on March 4th, 2020 cwmoore No comments

    Voting by mail in the California primary, as Kimmel did, could be confusing. The mail ballot featured a long list of candidates who are no longer running, including Marianne Williamson, Andrew Yang, and Julian Castro. “This is like the menu for a restaurant that’s out of almost everything.” (He claims to have cast a write-in vote for “Mr. T.”)

    Democrats aside, Kimmel remains focused on Trump – whose embarrassing White House photo-op with pharmaceutical executives was a tableau of the darkest comedy. Watching the president ask whether public health authorities can stem the new virus using the “solid”old flu vaccine is truly chilling.

    Pray the flu out of existence and your re-election is assured! Not only that you could probably get a third term or become Emperor of something.