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  • Monday 8 January: Chores

    Posted on January 9th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    This is a work day.  SAM has her’s and I have mine.  First we worked as a team while I removed the 4 final screws holding the fascia of the forward TV.  The TV is a big monster of yesteryear which we want to replace with a UHD flatscreen.  We have wanted to remove this for a week or more but we finally set a date and moved forward.

    After SAM departed to do the laundry, I started finding places for the big items we had just removed.  This necessitated moving, cramming and finessing those items.  In the end, things looked nicer fit in the compartments better and generally was much more tidy.  I had a few minutes, I thought, before SAM returned so I decided to try out the front TV antenna with the 32″ flatscreen I brought along.  Long story short, it worked fine and showed 57 digital stations found. I place the monster 32″ up on the dash temporarily and we watched TV from the salon of the RV last night.

    We finished the Book “The Third Wave” and now we are listening to Joel Rosenberg’s “The First Hostage”. I like his books and think I have listened to most and read a few. They are due back on the 16th so tomorrow it is listening time again.  No TV!

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  • Sunday 7 January 2018

    Posted on January 7th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    This being a Sunday we left for First Assembly about 1005 hrs in cool but brilliant sunshine. My oh my, how the sunshine lifts the spirits.  Today was Baptism Sunday and it was also the new member introduction to the congregation.  The were quite a few of them.  Everyone was in a friendly spirit today and we spent a long time talking with new and old alike.

    Afterwards, we went to Publix and SAM went in to buy some more staples while I remained in the car to fiddle with the smartphone and items to be updated.  We enjoyed the ride home in the sunshine.  Lunch was fixed and eaten then I took a nap with Abby in the favorite chair then piddled with a picture of our RV in the Clay Fair RV Park.

    Now, as I play and the sun has gone down behind the tall pine trees the radiating heat has disappeared, it is starting to feel like it is getting cold.  However, the temperature is the same inside so I guess the cold is imagined.  All the scheduled events on the RV did not take place but I guess there is always tomorrow or the next day or the next. Moore Later

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  • 6 January a Saturday

    Posted on January 6th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    I was out in the crisp N. Fl air this morning: Not so early but early enough. I dumped the Black Water and then hooked the hose to that tank and flushed it well.  The level guage is working again – Yea.  After that I piddled around and drained the hose and cleaned up the watter sid of the locker. I made sure the new heaters (100W bulbs in trouble lights) were off.  PS: the lights glow all nigh indicating how much pee or poo is going down you know where.

    I spent time on the amateur radio and computer today.  I moved some stuff inside to outside storage bays and took an after lunch nap with Abby to my left side. We never made it to the laundry – bummer.  Now, SAM is worrying about the outside night lights not being on.  Lots more happened but I forgot.  Perhaps I will change.

    We are looking for a new site near the Hamcation in Orlando and then perhaps to Broward County site where it is warm.

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  • 5 January: Lazy Days

    Posted on January 5th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    As I write, the sun is behind the trees and it is getting dark here at the Clay County Fair RV Park.  This night promises to be in the mid-20’s again.  Hopefully, we have this cold weather thing mastered as much as can be mastered.  The lights are on in the septic and city water bays.  The water at the outside faucets and  am running water inside to partially fill the greay water in preparation of flushing the black water lines.  I will be ready for darkness and the dropping of temperatures.

    This morning I was sort of foggy and a bit out of it but I tackled the Allstar Node 43584 no IP issue.  Iam not sure what causes it but I surmise it is the password getting corrupted and it is no able to log into the LAN side of the hotspot internet connection.  Also puzzling was the fact that I could not log into root with the password.  Finally, after much trials I got logged in and changed the password so that was golden.  Then I accidentally deleted the wireless config file so had to generate it again but this time I put in the wrong password.  So around the barn again and put in the correct one and it worked OK.

    SAM and I went to the First Assembly to pick up some of our mail and Amazon deliveries.  Our new LED 110 VAC microwave counter lights. The color temperature is 6000K and this is too white for me but they work fine and will probably last forever (I hope so).  Our sewer hose washing adapter arrived too so now we can rinse the sewer hose without splashing ourselves. Then we went to lunch at Burger King and returned to the RV.

    So ends another day in the life of retirement at the Moore’s.

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  • 4 January 2018: Same place

    Posted on January 4th, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    The day had not dawned and the water went fizzle.  Frozen hose, outside temp 27° and standing pipe frozen too.  Disconnected hose and brought inside.  tried the onboard water and it worked so it was all outside.  Went back to sleep.

    As the morning dawned I remembered the appointment with Rick Mobi-Mechanic to work on tow-dolly.  This guy tore into it and cleaned things up so now it worked relatively well. So on the way back we stopped by the Home Depot in Orange Park and bought a couple of old style metal trouble lights plus 4 each 100W incandescent light bulbs.  When we got back we put them in the septic and power bays on the RV.  Hopefully, no freeze tonight.

    Just about dark the manager of the park came by and told us it would be in the lower 20’s tonight and he was cracking the water valve and said it would be best if I removed the Y valve and the carbon filter.  I did this with him and put the filter inside to drain.  Tonight we will leave the water running and the grey water valve cracked to allow the tank to drain.  In addition, I dismounted the sewer connector and put it inside the closure and re-installed the connector ( it would not fit through the opening on the RV).  Both 100W light bulb are on now and the black water tank is glowing.  Tomorrow morning we will see the product of our overnight events as it glows with the back lit 100W bulb. SMILING LIKE CRAZY.

    SAM is fixing dinner and fussing so I had better quit this worthless pursuit and get back to what is important.  Bye from Moore.


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  • Hamcation 2018

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    This will be the first Hamcation we have attended, without W9LKI silent key, but we made reservations today and plan on attending but staying in a nearby Elks Lodge.  They do not take reservtion but wrote in tht we were coming.  All these tickets are directed towards First Assembly who have graciously said we could direct our mail to them: Thanks Pastor Register and Amanda.

    We would love to stay at the EV Park at Hamcation but the policy is no cancellations and the lot can be really, really muddy. So instead we woll drive 45 minutes each day just to stay at the Elks Lodge 1973.

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  • 3 January: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    The park is currently underwater due to torrential rains, threatened snow and tonights hard freeze warning.  Schools are closing, TV’s warning of the need to stay home tonight as the ice builds up. SAM and I are holed up in the RV but SAM did take Abby outside for her morning constitutional, both dressed in rain suits, and both were happy to be back inside the cocoon of warmth and dryness.  Our travel tonight will be restricted and we are praying the power will not go down – otherwise it will be the generator if it starts OK. I am glad we filled up on propane.

    This morning we signed up and paid for another 30 days of stay here at Clay County Fair RV Park.  We will see what happens after that.  Jess will be down in a week ± and we have a lot to see in just the one weekend she will be here and after that who knows when we will see her again.  We want to go to Whitey’s Fish Camp for lunch one of the days, Fernandina Beach town and St Augustine.  Within Jacksonville we want to see a few things too. This is a lot to do in two days.

    We have been re-instated as card carrying members of the Clay County Library system.  We can now check out audio books on cd and have listened to one are on the second, The Third Wave is the one we are listening to right now. Below are the three on tap now but I may make the list expand over the winter:

    –Killing Lincoln

    –The Third Wave

    –First Hostage

    In a loosely related vein, I just read that Kaspersky antivirus software could be use to filter certain test strings and then possibly send these to the Kaspersky cloud servers for inclusion into filtering algorithms.  Here is the link to the whole article and trust me it is scary:





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  • January 1, 2018: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on January 1st, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Monday dawned with the sound of rain on the roof and then wind and then high wind. I stayed up for a couple of hours after 0430 hrs but eventually went back to sleep and woke up at 0859 by the clock.  It was still raining and the temperature is 37° per the local weather. The forcast is for night time freezing temperatures all week.  I can see the sheets of light rain and mist flowing by the RV drivers screen.






    Finished the audio book of “Killing of Lincoln”.  This was well worth listening to or reading. There are unanswered questions.


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  • December 31: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on January 1st, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    Sunday:  We arrived at First Assembly a little ahead of time to a half full parking lot.  Wow, we thought, people must be arriving all at once.  We went inside and picked out a seat in the right, center aisle about half way back as has become our custom. To make a long story short, the seats never did fill up and the crowd was sparse by FA standards.  The message was on “The Gospel according to Abraham” by Sr Pastor Bill Register.  This is one of his old messages that had been dusted off.  Since we did not remember hearing it before it was new and fresh.  The message centered around Galatians 3:8 and Hebrews 11:3-9?.

    After,  we went to the Publix that is near the church and restocked our larder with $77 worth of food.  Their prices were a little high on some items and lower on others.  You have to watch closely. As the clerk was ringing up the items I spotted a $7.50 go by so at the end I ask here to confirm the price on the large olives – yep, it was $7.50 so we said we did not want that.  Later, SAM went to the shelf and sure enough the price was correct but in the wrong spot.

    The sun was out in the morning but became overcast and then became sunny again and then overcast after a few hours.  The weatherman promises to have a week of below freezing temperatures – yuck.  Indiana is to have below zero temperatures.  In the evening we went to the Elks to a wedding dance to which we were invited.  It was fun and SAM dance a lot and me some.  At the dance we found out that Handlebar Nick had died on this boat.  This is one of the first people we had met after we bought Inspiration II. We sold him our old, heavy hard bottom dingy for $50 and he was happy to have it.

    We arrived back at the RV about 11PM and ushered in the new year and I went to sleep right away and that finished the day of New Years Eve.

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  • December 30: Clay County Fair RV Park

    Posted on January 1st, 2018 cwmoore No comments

    We spent the day running around Flemming Island, talking on the radio, lounging around and listening to barking dogs.  After several abortive trips we finally found just the right eye lags for the TV mount.  Now I think it is secure so we do not have to demount it when starting a move.  We will see on the next move.

    We are now using the route 315 to 17 to Flemming Island and it takes 15 minutes less by avoiding Green Cove Springs stop lights.  I stopped in GCS at the library where they have us on file. The new library card was $1 so it was a bargain.  The first audio book I checked out was “Killing of Lincoln”.  It is sort of a recap of the last days of the Confederacy and how Grant/Lincoln allowed very generous surrender terms by not even taking Lee’s sword and telling confederacy  troops to just go home.  We shall see if the utopian surrender of Lincoln was justified.  Now comes 8 more cd’s of 8 hours length within a known outcome.

    All this reminds me of the aggressive conservative nature of homo sapiens.  I have the view that higher thinking man does not have a conservative nature but an experimental, exploitative posture of positive disposition.  the conservative mans is basically afraid of everything and wants to cautions us to control too much experimental nature.

    Nobility was an effort to subvert the masses by knowledge intimidation.  When education creeped upon the scene,  nobility no longer had a monopoly over knowledge. Yet, we revere the institution and this even more proves my point.  It all boils down to knowledge.  Those without it hate those that have it.  The knowledge balance of power has shifted so now Facebook and Twitter allow those with no knowledge but disagreeable disposition to shout down the more positive moderate elements of human nature. We are poorer for the experience of most internet media.



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