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  • No time, No time

    Posted on January 25th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Boy, it does not seem like I have much time to write and yet so much has happened.

    My boss asked me into the conference room 1 Central (also known as the fishbowl) to ask my retirement intentions.  I basically told him I would like to stay full time until April when the work runs out and then go half time.  In Lieu of that I guess I am finished whenever.  We just purchased a $8K software package to allow us to perform path analysis for microwave.  This has been my specialty for several years and I like to do this work.  So this kind of leaves me in never land.

    My daughter in Germany came over with her husband and my new Grandchild Alex.  It was nice to see them and even though it was a late Christmas (they missed their Christmas flight due to new and tougher USA laws on International visitors). 

     SAM’s company blessed us with a new healthcare plan that at this point appears to really suck.  We have had excellent insurance for a number of years and now have to join the ranks of people who will have to do without a doctors care due to the much higher costs.  Maybe we can go on the road together if the insurance gets so bad that it won’t pay to stay with the company.

    I am reading a book on Wild Trees (Richard Preston).  It is about the people who are mapping and climbing the tallest of the worlds trees.  These would be in the 300+ feet category.  Redwoods, Douglas Fir and Eucalyptus’s are the tallest.  Nobody really knows what the tallest tree really was but it would probably be the Redwood or Douglas Fir.  It is a great book about trees and their environment and with a real human aspect and narrative.  These guys are scientists and keep the locations secret but with Google Earth it is just a matter of time before recreational climbers find and start destroying hundreds of decades of upper canopy development.  I wish I were young enough to climb one of those baby’s.

    My mind says do all these things but the body is aged.  Still, maybe…….

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