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  • More Snow!

    Posted on February 6th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    This winter in Grand Rapids has seen the most snow since I joined the company 4 years ago.  Today we received nearly a foot and tonight promises 4 more “.  Tomorrow afternoon I will be on my way back to Indiana. 

     Friday I will spend at the home office if there is work and if not I will try to get Barry H to go kayaking on the Fawn River.  Barry has a dry suit and I have no suit so I hope not to tip over as it would be long trip home soaking wet.  Hypothermia would be a certainty in any case.  I tried to purchase a drysuit but the guy just wanted too much for it – $850.  True he had some of the under suit clothes and gloves and booties but still.  If it were $750 I would do it.

    We have to get up to the boat to do some work that needs to be done.  We will try to get there this weekend.  I want to take one of the seacocks apart to see how hard it is to repair.  I need to do all 9 of them but I want to do the easiest one first.  How much energy do I have?