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  • More Snow!

    Posted on February 6th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    This winter in Grand Rapids has seen the most snow since I joined the company 4 years ago.  Today we received nearly a foot and tonight promises 4 more “.  Tomorrow afternoon I will be on my way back to Indiana. 

     Friday I will spend at the home office if there is work and if not I will try to get Barry H to go kayaking on the Fawn River.  Barry has a dry suit and I have no suit so I hope not to tip over as it would be long trip home soaking wet.  Hypothermia would be a certainty in any case.  I tried to purchase a drysuit but the guy just wanted too much for it – $850.  True he had some of the under suit clothes and gloves and booties but still.  If it were $750 I would do it.

    We have to get up to the boat to do some work that needs to be done.  We will try to get there this weekend.  I want to take one of the seacocks apart to see how hard it is to repair.  I need to do all 9 of them but I want to do the easiest one first.  How much energy do I have?

  • Monday, Monday

    Posted on February 4th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Stayed home this AM due to ice and raining and snow but drove to GR in the afternoon.  It was very foggy and it strained my eyes and must have taken a toll as the meditation session was great and I did not fall asleep but stayed in the “center”.  It has been a few days since that has happened.

    Called Barry this AM to discuss corn fueled stoves of which he has one.  Also discussed Kayaks since his stream is open we might go Friday as I will probably be LWOP.  I have enjoyed his company since we were child hood friends and into our teens before girls, and cars and other things got in the way.  We were on a haying team for a year or two – I still like baling hay.

    After lunch I did a bunch of things and headed for GR.  It is still raining but not so cold and I will sleep with the window open and listen to the diesel truck they leave running all night.  Went to B&N and pulled 4 of the best kayaking books from the shelf and went  through them again.

    Looks like I have about 30 hours of work for this week.  It might pay my travel and hotel plus food for a while.

  • Another Storm

    Posted on February 1st, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    Another storm was supposed to dump 5 – ” on us today but it looks like it will miss NE Indiana.  There is about 3 ” in the driveway and drifts of 12″ here and there.  After work today I will go out an blow the snow off.

    I have been trying to sell charleswmoore.com & .net to another charleswmoore but so far we have not had much success in the transfer.  I have done my part but both godaddy and the other company cannot come together and get the transfer done.  Once Godaddy gets their hooks into a url they mean to keep it even if the owner wants to sell it.

    Back to work I go.