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  • Beaver Dam, Kayaks and Dr’s

    Posted on April 14th, 2008 cwmoore No comments

    What an eventful weekend and Monday.  On Saturday we went over to Bristol, IN to Fluid Fun.  FF has the largest inventory of kayaks in the Midwest.  It was fun trying on different kayaks even if it was spitting sleet, snow and raining.  SAM like the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 and it fit like a glove.  I tried it but it seemed too tight for my feet but when I put on my neoprene high top boots it fit me like a glove too.  When the water recedes we will try them out.  On the way back we stopped at Essen Haus for lunch and that pretty much killed Saturday.

     We had been noticing a slow rise in the lake water level of approximately 3″ per day.  By Sunday morning the yard down below was pretty much under water.  Late in the day we took the kayaks down to the outlet and discovered a beaver dam had dammed up about 2.5 ft of water.  I vowed to call someone on Monday morning.  By Monday morning the whole yard up to the building was under water and I started to panic.

    I called the County Commissioner, Surveyor, and the county highway.  Well, action was almost immediate and by the 1400 hrs you could see the lake levels receding.  I got a nice call from Ron Smith our county commissioner and we jawed for a long time.  He is a canoe buff and did big stretches of the Wabash River.  We hit it off right away and he is just down the road!

    Both my Dr’s appointments went ok and I drove up to GR about 1700.  I have gained a total of 20# this winter and now have to lose all of it plus the previous amount so it is 40 # to go this summer.  Good goal huh?  I guess we like pasta too much.

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