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  • Easter Sunday

    Posted on April 12th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    Yea, Jesus Christ has risen.

    We spent the weekend at my brothers house and I occupied a lot of my time installing V’s Dell that I bought for them. A’s computer had some problems too – I could not believe what I found – a computer with absolutely no virus software installed.

    I could not believe it at first so I checked again – no virus software. I spent the next hour or so installing AVG 8.5 and updating it. This machine also had three versions of anti-spyware – Spybot, Ad-Aware and another related to a program from Brothers (I think). I disabled the auto boot up spyware. I also installed SP3 and the latest update. All in all it took most of the spare time Sunday.

    We arrived back home at 1830. J headed back to Whiting for work tomorrow. S is upstairs typing away at he computer and you know what I am doing. What a good time we had this weekend.


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  • New Used Computer Arrives

    Posted on April 6th, 2009 cwmoore 1 comment

    The Dell GX280 that I bought on the internet arrived today and I am setting it up. I was surprised to find it came with the full suite of Outlook 2007 and a backed up clone drive. It was well worth my $155 investment. I am not sure if I want to sell it or not. For example, I could sell my GX270 but I like it and it would take days of hard work to transfer everything to the new GX280 machine. I could also clone my GX270 as a spare or server but I need to buy a 259 Gig or larger HD. I saw a 1.4 TB drive for sale on eCost.com for $114 – that is pretty cheap. What to do.

    BTW-I found a real nice Logitech optical mouse at Walmart for only $13. It works real well.

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  • Upgrade of Blog

    Posted on April 5th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    Saturday was the day to upgrade the blog to the latest stable version of WordPress. The upgrade went smoothly for all my blog sites. There was one unusual event but that was easily overcome. One site required a manual install of the new plugins because evidently the rights to modify a site are not given by windows server.

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