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  • High today 39&#176

    Posted on October 14th, 2009 cwmoore No comments

    Today is cold, wet and overcast.  The green colors are accented and it is really beautiful outside.  The lawn was mowed yesterday and the opposing stripes, caused by mowing one way and turning around and mowing right beside the precious row, make the yard look like one of those expensive English Lord’s gardens.

    Went to Kohl’s last night and picked up a SonicCare Essence 5300 cordless toothbrushes for a good price (around $44 with rebate).  I tried it this morning – what a jolt to the mouth – but it feels good and if it works as advertized then it is worth every penny.  Today went to Walmart’s to pick up a new Remington Titanium electric razor & I got one for $44 but have not used it yet.  I am uncertain of this razor.  It does not look substanial and the plast cap to protect the heads is worthless as it will fall off immediately.  There is no case or method to carry it in a travel bag.

    This afternoon was spent looking for hydrophobic oil absorbing pads.  I need these when I change oil in the sailboat to prevent any hydrocarbons from getting into the bilge area.  The same applies when I change the fuel filters – usually this is a mess – as invariably diesel fuel gets on the bilge floor.  I went over to Clark’s Marina on Hamilton Lake and he sold me 5 pads for $5.  This is sufficient to get me through this season.  I ordered a bundle of 100 medium pads from Texas RagTime for $30 and $13 shipping.  I’ll take a bunch on board next spring.

    Tonight is church security deal that is starting again this fall.  Time to be on our toes again.  I better get my winter jacket out as it is cold and the wind is up.  BFN.

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