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  • Over done it again!

    Posted on October 31st, 2009 cwmoore No comments
    The day started off sort of slow but gained momentum when the rain stopped – 0.625″ of rain.  It all started at the top ground.  Went down to the building and prepared the tractor & chopper.  Went to top ground and ate three loads of leaves with the wind whistling  from the West.  Great!  Left over leaves were blowing over the hill into the woods.  After all this it was time for lunch – home made bread with Herring ( vitamin D3 you know) and topped off with grape jelly from last year.  I also ate a piece of Lindt 85% chocolate.
    About 1330 hrs the wind was tapering off so I went down and carried the ladder up to the lower pole light and removed the photo sensor for an exchange with the upper pole light.  Did the exchange on both poles and then it was a wait until dark to see if it was the sensor – Not the sensor so will have to replace the light.  After that it was time to vacuum up the leaves that blew over the hill and down the driveway – that was three loads and now it was 1700 hrs & I was really tired so I called it quits for the day.  My estimation is that we are at 13 loads and this leaves 6 – 10 more for the year if it is a typical year.  We shall see.

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