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  • Indian Summer

    Posted on November 14th, 2009 cwmoore No comments


    Recreational kayak
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    Today was a perfect most beautiful day.  I used the opprotunity to take aout SAM’s kayak – a 16′ x 22″ Perception Shadow – and did a turn around our lake.  It is not too far, perhaps a mile, but it was fun none the less.  While out I noticed the rudder did not see to act correctly.  It would turn to port fine but the starbord turn was very slow with full rudder against an unusual feeling stop.  When I returned and carried the boat up to the shop, I looked into the problem.  I had to laugh.  There was no way the rudder ever worked correctly since someone had changed the foot rests.  One of the foot rests had a tab sticking down that would not let the slide fully back.  I took the assembly apart and removed the tab and re-installed and, walla, now it works.  I was surprised that SAM did not complain sooner.


    Now I am wasting my time writing blogs, answering emails and working on the TSA Hangars website.  SAM is out at a church function and who knows when the return will be.  It was a fun, relaxing day with nothing to do.  I talked with Jerry Moeller this morning and he is in Sarasota with his boat.  He hit someting with the props while going down the Tenn-Tom and spun one of the props.  The water is so high due to hurricane Ida that he just pulled the boat and trailered it down to my very favorite marina – Sneed Island Marina – and will repair it there.  So that is it for this blog post, maybe later as SAM just got back and will have some tales to tell.

     Palmetto, Florida

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