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    Posted on April 13th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    My workload at Moore Wireless is picking up a bit.  Not like the good old days of  pre-2008 but it is keeping my mind occupied and a little cash coming in. 

    I re-vamped the old Moore wireless site and gave it a newer look so I could add it to my growing portfolio of websites I have worked on and improved.  To this site I added a News / Events page that is blog like and I can live with it.  If I get time I need to completely redo the www.charleswmoore.org site but I think it will be next winter before that happens.

    I ordered a new 70 ppd dehumidifier so this summer my office area will be a nice and low humidity environment.  The three year young unit I had down here just died last summer and since we were cruising Lake Michigan I did not replace it right away.  I’ll see how it works out but I might add a effluent pressure system so I can pump the water up to the downstairs sink instead of going clear to the floor drain.  Seventy pints per day is a lot of water to be going into the perimeterdrain.  That way the fail-safe would be the drain if the pump quit working.

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