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  • Packing out

    Posted on October 5th, 2010 cwmoore No comments

    Today we filled the car with items from the boat:  Tools, clothes and items we have not used for a couple 0f seasons.  We ate lunch on the boat and headed for PL.  What a bittersweet time – the end of the boating season.  We came back to PL because the new 4″ well is supposed to be drilled tomorrow.  Rick called and said there was a problem with the pump install so it might have to be done later  because he is using a new subcontractor.  I do not know what that means but it does not sound so positive.

    Anyway, we have to be in Saugatuck on Friday because SAM’s new glasses arrive and they are to be fitted.  Thursday I have a hangar association board meeting that is a must attend.  However, tomorrow is filled with washing the vehicles, starting all the machinery to get ready for the Fall work season and general cleanup.

    We are trying to find some time do do the northern Michigan Fall color tour which is now in full swing.  We want to visit the places we saw this summer on our “cruise”.  Time flies so fast in the Fall that it is hard to get everything done.  The leaves will be falling in the next 3 -4 weeks so that will take some time to  rake, blow, mulch and vacuum all the 30 – 40 loads of leaves.    We can do about 5 loads a day so that gives you an idea of how many days it takes to complete the job.  It usually takes about 2 -3 weeks to for most all the leaves to fall to the ground and we hope for a strong South wind to help the process of  getting the leaves down to the bottom of the hill where we can get at them with the mulcher/vacuum.

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