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  • IEEE: US grid getting less relaible

    Posted on January 14th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    data_main“The U.S. electrical grid has been plagued by ever more and ever worse blackouts over the past 15 years. In an average year, outages total 92 minutes per year in the Midwest and 214 minutes in the Northeast. Japan, by contrast, averages only 4 minutes of interrupted service each year.”  Here is an IEEE Article and Smart Grid Newsletter to enlighten your day.

    Rant: Talk about burning the candle at both ends or squeezing blood from a turnip – we have used up about all (the infrastructure) that has made us great:  Manufacturing, Electrical Power production, Great Lakes water (down 12″ in 2 years), Aquafir being depleted and the list goes on and on.

    Resignation:  I thought it was the Pickens Plan (PP) but people scoffed.  I thought it was Global Warming but people are too occupied being Birthers, Far Lefters, Far Righters, Flat Earthers and even denying Global Warming is happening.  Then I thought it was NAFTA, the War on Drugs and other pretty sounding names.  What does it take to get people mobilized on the path to self-correction?  Beats me and the dead horse I rode in upon.  I offered the PP my resignation today – no focus, no more.

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