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  • Amazon Cloud: music, video, other

    Posted on April 5th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    Today I just read that Amazon has just created a “cloud” based music portfolio system. Since I love the cloud this is music to my ears – so to speak! Hey, if I pay for a song on “whatever system like Amazon” then I own that song rights just like if I had a vinyl library. The cloud is what contains that library and it should be inheritable and non-volitile. My opinion is that the music and video industry are self-destructing because their model is incorrect. The cloud is the future and digital is the future so why fight it? That is reality 2011 and for several decades beyond.

    Speaking of that – I just logged into my library up by the boat and “signed out” a book. The system was modeled after a library book. One book I wanted was 5 people deep t check it out! How antiquated. How about a system where unlimited books can be checked out but the author & et. al. still get paid their rightful share? As Pappy Shaw would say – Pretty Poor!

    End of non-coherent rant..

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