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  • Pendelton

    Posted on October 17th, 2011 cwmoore No comments

    We picked up the table an chairs from Karon and headed towards Pendelton without our GPS but as we got closer I became a bit apprehensive as to which exit we should take.  After a quick address program the trusty navigator told us to take a route that was new to us but we took it and arrived safely at B’Unique shoppe.  We were met by Ingo and quickly transitioned to the new abode where we unloaded the table and chairs.  We put them in the kitchen and quickly made use of them as B & I cooked us some lunch of steak, salad and SAM’s real apple pie made last night.  Mumm, good.  SAM’s applesauce was real good too.  Too bad it had just a bit of Cinnamon and B could not partake of much.  The grandkids were in rare form also: D seemed to take exception to my sunglasses and A was the usual bundle of energy laced with some intelligent words.

    A has his own computer and I noticed it had no virus  scanner so I undertook to add one and check the machine as well.  Admin had a password and after some calling and time I logged in and added everything then did the scan – no viruses.  Later A & I went for a bike ride down to the school.  School was in session so we could not go to the playground but we had a good jaunt just the same.  It was a good day.

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