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  • ACR PLB-200 Battery Changeout

    Posted on June 9th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    A few years ago, too few at the price of new batteries, I bought a Personal Locator Beacon from ACR:  The expiration date of the batteries was 09-2012.  Since we had sold our Inspiration I was not too worried about it and since ACR was charging almost what a new device would cost to replace the batteries I considered it a throwaway device. I opened the device and looked at the batteries and thought I could replace them myself BUT how could I make sure everything was within specification for transmit power, frequency and all the other things like switch activations, etc.

    Fast forward to today and I came across the following company that replaces the batteries, does all the system checks and certifications for a “reasonable” price.  I provide the information here as a matter of interest to everyone who has an ACR PLB-200/201 and others who are mariners wanting such a device.  Actually, you could take this PLB along with you if you are going into the deep dark woods, desert, or anywhere you could be in a life threatening situation and want to be found anywhere on earth that has a clear view to the open sky. Current day PLB’s are pretty cheap so if you are an adventurer get one.

    The price to replace my batteries is around $135 plus shipping down to him.  The return shipping is paid by them.  Turn around is nominally a week or two.

    John Szipszky
    Stateside Commercial Marine,Inc.
    2854 Stirling Road, Suite K
    Hollywood, FL 33020
    Ph: 954-926-3665
    Fax: 954-926-3664
    Monday - Friday 9 AM to 4 PM EST

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