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  • I am dreaming of sailboats, sunlight, structural integrity of hatches et.al.

    Posted on June 9th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    One of the biggest deals of our new sailboat is the replacement of the lens of the hatch for many Lewmar hatches.  I called a guy in California to see what he had to say.  A pleasant gentleman, and honest no doubt, said that I would be priced out of the market if I tried to ship them to him to be replaced.  He recommended that I try a much closer place to the boat so that shipping is not an issue.  I did a quick Google search and nothing really impressive popped out of the screen that said  USE ME I AM GOOD so I did send a form inquiry off just to test the waters.

    Tomorrow is another day and when I find the right person/company I will edit this thread and add information as it becomes available. Oh Oh, the prices thrown around are significant.

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