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  • A busy week ( and a half)

    Posted on June 24th, 2014 cwmoore No comments


    We both have been busy, not necessarily with paying jobs, but with donating time to the church for the annual garage sale and for me keeping the computer system and network healthy and growing.  Our pastor has announced his retirement at the end of August.

    SAM has been helping her sister with her job of cleaning rental housing out at the lakes nearby.  Our poor sailboat has just been collecting water with all the rain of the past week. I need to get down there to pump out the boat but it is expected to rain again today as you can see from the cropped radar I took a few minutes ago.

    I have not had much time to play with the blogs and html so I am devoting this part of the morning to a format of floating and padding. This little exersize is using the float:right to get the picture to wrap around the text which on the left. Not a big deal really but just a little fun to keep using html.


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