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  • Of sailboats and things

    Posted on July 29th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    I have been dreaming lately.  More and more of my dreams are of sailboats and specifically, of Inspiration II.  I dream of all the work to be done this Fall and Winter.  I dream of all the materials I must collect and take with me to the boat.  I hope she does not sink after loading all this “stuff”.

    I started a “Ship’s Log” yesterday.  It has 10 sections that deal with items needed to manage a live-a-board vessel for several months at a time. Now I need to generate the document forms for each section.  For example, Section 1 will have a form that lists Time, Date, Vessel status (in port, mooring, under sail, motoring, person on duty and position reports plus other elements of interest to the vessel and authorities.

    • Section 1 is the day to day log of all activities of being onboard.
    • Section 2 is all about Maintenance & Repairs.
    • Section 3 deals with Fuel status, concerns and hours of operation of the two diesel engines.
    • Section 4 documents Improvements
    • Section 5 contains Schematics of electronics, electrical and mechanical systems
    • Section 6 is a catchall Miscellaneous grouping.
    • Section 7 chronicles Ideas for the boat and sailing
    • Section 8 contains To-Do Lists
    • Section 9  formally presents the vessel Survey(s)
    • Section 10 is an area reserved for guests who have visited the boat

    I need to get motivated to generate some ham radio related project like getting the AllStar operational on a BeagleBlack and IRLP on a PiIRLP board.  This will reduce the size to a form factor suitable for the boat.  Right now I think I will work on the forms for each section of the Ship’s Log.  Bye.


    (to be continued)

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