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  • Cold weather is here

    Posted on November 13th, 2014 cwmoore No comments

    Cold winter weather has hit Pleasant Lake. It is currently 23°F and it was snowing all afternoon and into the evening. The snow is lake effect snow and in this case it is spotty and light. There was enough snow to lightly cover the ground and all of the floor of the woods. This is supposed to continue throughout the night. The rest of the week looks like deep winter temperatures too. I am sure glad we did the leaves Tuesday. So far this is 13 loads of the compacted mulched leaves that were sort of wet. Now I know I should have drained the oil in both machines but who knew then? I sure hope it gets warmer so I can start the tractor and the vacuum to warm them up so I can drain the oil.

    Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching and a couple of days later ends our Fall season IN PL. We are hopeful that the family shows up and keeps up the traditions started by our Grandfather Lyons and perpetuated by Mom & Aunts through to us kids. This is a nice legacy we can leave our kids as to family and traditions. In these topsy-turvy days, special interest groups to which we USA people belong seem to be taking priority over family and this is too bad.

    I attended the KANQ Aviation Board meeting on Tuesday. This one was well attended and now I know for sure that when a meeting is well attended there will be some kind of fire. This meeting was no exception. One group wants the terminal building restrooms and one meeting room open to them. The other group uses every thread of an excuse to keep it a closed building. All so childish I think. It certainy does the community or the airport any good to perpetuate such behavior by not finding a compromise.

    Oh well, that is enough grousing for tonight.

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